Radionomy Flounders, Sonixcast Grows

Radionomy is currently suffering extreme network issues according to their facebook page.

Ever wonder why Sonixcast customers never experience such problems? In a word AnyCastIP. Never heard of it huh. Well AnyCastIP is Sonixcast’s patented digital content distribution network which serves as a backbone for all Sonixcast services and works diligently behind the scenes ensuring that broadcasts have the same high quality regardless of where in the world one listens in from.

Originally developed for Premier Global (PGi) in 2008 as a voice conferencing solution, AnyCastIP was expanded through the partnership with the Sony Media Group to include video and telephony services. What makes AnyCastIP unique and reliable is the use of 52 globally distributed nodes which buffers stream data at the highest rate attainable over the Internet. Listeners “tune-in” to the nearest set of nodes ensuring high-quality, low latency audio listening and/or video watching enjoyment.

What makes Sonixcast unique in the broadcast hosting market are our low cost, fully licensed, broadcasting solutions courtesy of the Canadian performance rights organization SOCAN backed by Sony, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and General Motors. Radionomy offers no such solution and after years of pushing the envelope, is now being sued by Sonixcast partner Sony for violation of usage rights according to Music Business Worldwide. Or in layman’s terms “Piracy”.

Sonixcast customers never have to worry about that, because they broadcast as a radio station under our umbrella license with SOCAN which is recognized worldwide. It also helps that instead of bucking the system, we work with the record labels to ensure everybody gets paid 😉

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