BoomBox 2.2 Changelog for 08/30/2016

Note: This release has important patches for station operators

  1. fixed playlist sequencing addressing the issue with some playlist being de-registered and thus not playing. Important: produces must save and restart the transcoder (auto-dj) for changes to take affect.
  2. fixed authorization hash management for public stations wishing to be listed at Important: producers copy their existing authhash from the admin interface ( icon next to server status), paste into the “Auth-Hash” field, then save and restart their server in order for changes to take affect.
  3. fixed track associations being inadvertently deleted during re-indexing operation.
  4. added scrolling option for users, playlist and music library listing that overflowed the sidebar.
  5. added embedded facebook timeline and messaging widget to the dashboard.
  6. added the ability to associate all tracks from a source library folder to playlist in a single operation. How-To: select a folder from the dropdown and the associate all button will be enabled. Click to associate all tracks, wait a few seconds for the Target view to reload.
  7. added the ability to remove all track associations from a playlist  ( icon in “Target” section).
  8. added sidebar collapse option ( icon – upper left screen) to show/hide the sidebar menu
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