BoomBox 2.2 Released

BoomBox 2.2 Released

We are proud to announce the full release of BoomBox 2.2. This release includes all components requested by customers in previous versions and more. This release also addresses many of the issues found in the bug database.

  • Full ShoutCast Transcoder (Auto-DJ) Support
  • Dynamic Playlists
  • Advanced Event Management
  • Drag & Drop, Multiple Track Uploading
  • Track Management

A few components are still pending release for this coming week (August 22th through 28th) and will be announced separately. Below are the pending releases along with a short reason why they missed this release.

  • Global Music Library (pending upload of music tracks)
  • Download component (not completed complete at the time of release)
  • Playlist Redirectors (pending release of download component)
  • Demo Account and Playlist setup (pending upload of music tracks)
  • Listener Reporting (not completed at the time of release)
  • SoniXFM Player Builder (not completed at the time of release)
  • Music track tagging (pending iTunes API key generation)

What’s New?

For those who had an account on or before the incident on 07/20/2016, everything but your uploaded files has been restored to original settings. We recommend that you check each user (DJ) and playlist to adjust for use with the new event management system. Important: If you uploaded files via ftp then you MUST run the reload routine in the track manager in order to assigned them to a playlist.

The first thing to take notice of is the version change (lower right hand corner of every page). BB-RA is short for “BoomBox Radio Automation” which is the proper classification of the software as future versions will enable live broadcasting from any browser via WebRTC, extended by the actual version number. This is useful going forward as we will maintain multiple versions to allow customers the option to upgrade (which usually requires a service restart) at their own convenience.

We eliminated the top menu from BoomBox 2.2. Now everything is done from the collapsible and automatically resized (according to screen resolution) sidebar via intuitive icons. Read the documentation for detailed information on the functions associated with each icon, but most beginners who have ever used a smartphone or tablet before should immediately recognize what to do.

Realtime Statistics

Everybody will recognize the server and local clocks used for calculating time offsets for events, but now the clocks are syncronized using the global ntp pool and are guaranteed accurate to the second. Also new is the radio station player which shows realtime playback and listener statistics. Click on the Play Button to listen yourself or use the context sensitive icons to view more information on the currently playing track at iTunes or the average listener tune-in times.

Service Management

Services (Server/Transcoder (Auto-DJ) are now managed directly on the dashboard. This allows customers quick and easy access to make password and feature changes without navigating a bunch of screens. Our new service monitoring feature notifies the customer whenever a service cannot be started or goes down for any reason. In the sidebar services can be stopped or started using the convenient “on/off” switch and service up-time is shown in real-time. Click on the wrench to view the server admin interface.

User (DJ) and Playlist Management

Users and Playlists are also primarily managed from the sidebar via intuitive icons. Simply click on the item itself to open the management screen where you can assign tracks, set passwords and more importantly schedule when tracks will be played or users can broadcast AND jingles will be injected. Our new advanced event management system mimics many of the features found in other professional radio automation tools and allows the customer to build complex radio programming schedules.

Music Libraries

Upload, move or tag your own music tracks using iTunes (see above for release status) or combine with our global music library (see above for release status) for ready-for-broadcast tracks to build your playlists quickly and easily.

Change Log

BoomBox 2.2 change log for Sunday, 08/21/16 (11:00 MST):

  • If you were having issues earlier with BoomBox, please take not of patches to BoomBox 2.2 that were released today:
  • added backwards compatibility to server control for users migrated from the camonxx platform
  • added backwards compatibility to transcoder control for users migrated from the camonxx platform
  • repaired bitrate not saving for AAC type encoders
  • repaired upgrade errors on server and transcoder components
  • repaired unable to disable issue with the event manager in playlists and users
  • added more verbose titles to the playlist and playlist track assignment pages

BoomBox 2.2 change log for Tuesday, 08/23/16 (09:00 MST):

  • fixed problem with some scheduled events not writing to config
  • fixed delete user (trash) button
  • fixed timed scheduled events in playlists
  • daemonized services so that they would not be affected by the web server
  • daemonized indexing so that it would not affect the web server
  • enabled service monitoring and notifications
  • added notifications for service start/stop
  • updated session handling to timeout after browser has been closed
  • added bootstrap patches for IE, Edge and Opera browsers
  • updated jquery to 2.1.4 to address issues in the interface for all browsers

BoomBox 2.2 change log for Sunday, 08/28/16 (05:00 MST):

  • repaired transcoder writer to fix problem with scheduled playlists
  • fixed services javascript to be more efficient and responsive
  • fixed playlists javascript to be more efficient and responsive
  • de-coupled auto-restart of services from write routines (server and transcoder no longer restart automatically)
  • added service restart notification button to top menu to inform users that a restart is necessary
  • added backup service to all accounts
  • uploaded and processed 43K tracks into the global music library (assign to playlist function pending) another 32K are pending
  • rewrote itunes parser to accept api key (api key issuance still pending from apple)
  • added scheduled task to overwrite configuration files on a regular basis (to stop malicious activities)
  • added scheduled task to request station statistics periodically to bolster reports

Important Notice: BoomBox is self healing. Meaning many issues are fixed whenever you save your transcoder (auto-dj) settings from the dashboard. Quite often we issue micro-patches which are only applied when service settings are saved. This is preferable by most than showing an upgrade message each time we issue a patch. If you are experiencing an issue, try saving your transcoder and try again before contacting support.

We will announce any new patch or changes as they are release. We encourage everybody to contact support with any issues or post your issues and feature request into the bug database at

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