The Magnificent 7

The SoniXCast platform (as you know) is community driven. We believe strongly in transparency and communication. Many of you who have switched from other providers find the concept very helpful and refreshing and as with any community, over time, subject matter experts begin to rise and become the guru’s on all things broadcasting. It behooves a company like ours to bring these experts together to work collaboratively on making our platform better, helping others and direct the future of web casting.

Our call for help (see: “We Want You“) generated more interest that we could have ever hoped for and we thank you all for applying. Out of that action we were able to put together a group of individuals (mostly volunteers) who not only had the technical and legal expertise to speak intelligently to all things SoniXCast, but who also exhibited the temperament, talent and desire to help others. We call them “The Magnificent 7”, because this group of individuals besides having great all round knowledge, also excel within their specialties offering a refreshing new perspective and insight to webcasting.

Meet The Magnificent 7

  • Eugenio Ceriello (Group Coordinator)
  • Alan Fahrner
  • Ron Anderson
  • Vince Wylde
  • Simon Wollcott
  • Björn Korzer
  • Brian Walton

This unique group of specialists will offer their expertise to others here in the community and in social media and are the “Young Guns” who will rescue broadcasters from the throes of evil officials and bad broadcast providers the world over. Need a hero? Just contact them over social media using the hashtag #Mag7, the Mag7 group or via email at

New Global Music Library for BoomBox

SoniXCast's Global Music Library Banner

We are proud to announce the release of our Global Music Library (GML) for BoomBox 2.2. With it producers can choose from over 100,000 registered titles to add to their playlists. No more uploading, organizing or tagging tracks. Just search for the tracks you like or add all from a particular genre build your station in minutes instead of days.



GML Left Side ViewHundreds of Thousands of Titles updated Daily

We draw new titles from multiple worldwide sources, process ’em, tag ’em and put them up for use by SoniXCast Radio Station producers on a daily basis. Besides the usual sources (record company mustering), we also tap into the indie and creative commons libraries. Even language specific titles like from Germany, France and Asia!



gml-genres-openExclusively built for BoomBox and SoniXCast Radio Stations

Integrated directly into BoomBox (Our own homegrown Radio Automation and Control Panel), SoniXCast Radio Station Producers can quickly and easily search and assign tracks to playlists eliminating the need to tag, encode and then upload hundreds of tracks. Playlists are setup in minutes taking the drudgery out of building your Radio Station.



gml-full-rightPowerful and Intuitive Filtering and Search functions

We’ve indexed over 30 possible search parameters for each title so that finding a title is as simple as entering a search term, hitting enter and choosing from the provided results. You can even limit your search by music genre. And it’s fast! We built specialized system designed specifically for managing large amounts of search queries. You’ll never wait long to find what you’re looking for.



binaryPre-encoded and Tagged to work with all SoniXCast Radio Stations

Every track we receive from our worldwide partners is encoded for maximum performance and listening pleasure. Metatags are provided by iTunes and Echonest/Shazam! with no hidden messages or comments. So that your Station statistics are always clean and accurate compatible with all 3rd party players and statistics tools.



gml-title-previewListen and Track information previews powered by iTunes

You can even preview a title or view track information before adding it to your playlist. View anything you need to know about a title from the Artist biography to broadcasting Bitrate, even the price to buy nearly instantaneously thanks to Apple’s iTunes powerful search API!



oppertunityUnique Opportunities for Indie Artists and Syndicated Content Providers

SoniXCast is the fastest growing Radio Station Provider in the industry. Have a song that you want to popularize or do you want to syndicate your Daily or Weekly broadcast? Simply contact our support department and we’ll not only get you setup in our rotation, but we’ll announce your content to over 1400 SoniXCast Radio Stations. More marketing and popularization features, so get on board early to take advantage of them while they’re still free.



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Playlist Manager Update

We just released a Playlist Manager Update for BoomBox 2.2. The rewrite of the UML (User Music Library) introduced issues with assigning tracks to playlists and corrupted a small amount of data for some customers. Users will notice no new features or interface changes. Just that assigning tracks to playlists will be more responsive.

Radionomy blocks Live Broadcasting. Peppers Stations with Advertisements.

It’s not like Internet Broadcasters in Europe don’t have enough headaches with out of control performance rights organizations, exorbitant fees and geo-blocking, according to sources at Radionomy (wiki), Live broadcasts are now being blocked for producers from Belgium and Germany and automated broadcasts (Auto-DJ) in general are being peppered with advertisements up to four (4) times an hour!

To re-cap, In March 2016, Radionomy was sued by SoniXCast partner Sony for copyright infringement and the resulting action was to block listeners from many countries (geo-blocking) from tuning in to Radionomy radio stations. The exact list of nations blocked has never been revealed, but according to our sources, Italy, Spain and Germany were the hardest hit.

Radionomy (which bought ShoutCast and Winamp from AOL in 2014) reached it’s peak in the wake of the slow but steady demise of (wp) which quietly stopped providing radio services sometime in March 2015 leaving radio producers in a lurch and searching for a provider. At that time SoniXCast was still on the WHMSonic platform which offered very limited radio automation features and producers found themselves wanting spurring the development of their own radio automation software.

In typical Radionomy fashion, no announcement was ever made to radio producers that their Live Broadcast’s would be blocked and that heavy advertising and sign-in intro’s would be introduced. According to sources, only after putting a Radionomy representative on the spot, was it admitted that Radionomy made major changes to their system, network and service agreements. Radionomy has not yet made any official statements.

There were also reports that Radionomy was not deferring broadcasting fees to the Belgian PRO SABAM which may have precipitated the lawsuit from Sony, but this has never been officially substantiated.

Unlike Radionomy, SoniXCast (in business since 2006) defers broadcasting fees through SOCAN which has partnership agreements with almost all worldwide performance rights organizations according to their annual report. SoniXCast remains the official legal owner of all radio stations eliminating the quandary of “pirating” altogether.

All this activity has pushed the development of SoniXCast’s radio automation software BoomBox into overdrive in order to meet demand from producers left with little or no option. Remaining service providers offer no licensing and only basic streaming services.  Now in “Extreme Agil” mode, features and patches are pushed out sometime’s hourly and already exceeds Radionomy’s broadcasting tools in many areas.

We Want You!


  • Love internet radio and have spent countless hours learning everything possible about it.
  • Have some technical expertise with radio broadcasting tools and radio automation.
  • Have a few hours a week where you’re just sitting on your Hands.
  • Want to be part of the future of radio broadcasting.


  • Are growing faster than we can possibly get things done and need your help.
  • Have been an active part of the radio industry since 2006. Yeap! That’s over 10 years.
  • Are a global company with corporate locations in the US and Canada.
  • Want to form the future of radio broadcasting.

Join SoniXCast!

We are looking for folks with different ranges of experience and expertise to help bolster our team. If you speak another language or have development experience, know your broadcasting tools real good or are simply savvy with social media and google, then we want you!

We are looking for everything from guru’s and support tech’s to research assistants and bloggers to help build our products, marketing and support our worldwide clientele.

We are truly a global company and compensation ranges from credits (getting your radio for free) to hourly wages. All you need is a Paypal account. We pay for performance, so you can work as often as you want, whenever you want.

If you can use a mouse and keyboard, then we want to hear from you. Just send an email to with the subject “hire me” and one of our management staff will contact you about getting started right away!