The Magnificent 7

The SoniXCast platform (as you know) is community driven. We believe strongly in transparency and communication. Many of you who have switched from other providers find the concept very helpful and refreshing and as with any community, over time, subject matter experts begin to rise and become the guru’s on all things broadcasting. It behooves a company like ours to bring these experts together to work collaboratively on making our platform better, helping others and direct the future of web casting.

Our call for help (see: “We Want You“) generated more interest that we could have ever hoped for and we thank you all for applying. Out of that action we were able to put together a group of individuals (mostly volunteers) who not only had the technical and legal expertise to speak intelligently to all things SoniXCast, but who also exhibited the temperament, talent and desire to help others. We call them “The Magnificent 7”, because this group of individuals besides having great all round knowledge, also excel within their specialties offering a refreshing new perspective and insight to webcasting.

Meet The Magnificent 7

  • Eugenio Ceriello (Group Coordinator)
  • Alan Fahrner
  • Ron Anderson
  • Vince Wylde
  • Simon Wollcott
  • Björn Korzer
  • Brian Walton

This unique group of specialists will offer their expertise to others here in the community and in social media and are the “Young Guns” who will rescue broadcasters from the throes of evil officials and bad broadcast providers the world over. Need a hero? Just contact them over social media using the hashtag #Mag7, the Mag7 group or via email at

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