NEW Permanent Redirect Url’s

We are proud to announce the release of the Permanent Redirect Url feature in BoomBox!

Customers now may share a link to their radio station that will guaranteed never change as long as they have an active streaming product with SoniXCast regardless of which server their stream resides.

Part of the AnyCastIP network, the permanent stream url is replicated on over 250 nodes worldwide. Listeners tune-in to their nearest local node cutting down the time to connect and essentially eliminating audio buffering.

SoniXCast Producers can now share their radio stations on their Website, iTunes, TuneIn, Nobex and more with the peace of mind of not having to update their links ever again!

We at SoniXCast also have the freedom to move services around in order to distribute load according to listener peaks, eliminating the danger of server overload when a station suddenly becomes popular.

SoniXCast Producers will have to update their links to the new schema ( in order to take advantage of the new permanent redirect url feature. But then never again. Like the unique radio call-sign (CSNX-xxxx), the permanent redirect is hard linked with the product id which will never change as long as the account is active.

Producers can find their new Permanent Redirect Url on the BoomBox dashboard in the “My Station” section next to their unique call-sign.