BoomBox 2.4 Mobile (Sneak Preview)

The developer gnomes have been busy and have released a beta preview version of BoomBox 2.4 which sports an easier-to-use mobile and smart device interface.

BoomBox 2.4 is a complete rewrite of the user interface which will include a simple yet feature rich calendar based event scheduling tool, pre-defined event templates for spots, jingles and ads and a slimmed down interface for faster loading over slow connections.

BoomBox 2.4 will also re-introduce the Global Music Library with even more music titles than ever before. We currently have over 400,000 titles indexed and expect to reach double that amount by the time 2.4 is released.

BoomBox 2.4 will also be completely cloud-based, decoupled from the streaming server altogether in order to decrease response times, be more globally responsive from the browser and to increase scalability.

Another new feature will be the release of port 80 stream proxying which will eventually replace the redirect (permanent) urls as the primary stream access point for listeners.

A mobile device app is in the works, as well as tighter integration with and social media.

Currently customers can only manage their individual services (server, auto-dj), but new features are added daily and we encourage all to comment about bugs and feature requests.

To view on any mobile device, simply goto:

To view in any browser, just goto:

We expect the final release date for 2.4 to be around the end of March 2017.

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