March News

Global Relay Network

With the release of global relay network, some customers have inadvertently banned the relay not understanding that the ip-address connecting to their stream was the global relay. That’s our fault for not notifying customers before hand. So from now on we will announce the ip-address of each relay as each region is rolled out. For now all customers should allow the ip-address (located in Montreal Canada).

BoomBox Media Server

Customers can get a sneak preview of the BoomBox Media Server version 2.4 based upon the open source icecast project at or Check out this story for more details.

DMCA Takedown Notices

SoundExchange (Sony) is again sending out DMCA takedown notices to US aggregators like Tune-In and Dirble and although they are not specifically targeting SoniXCast Radios, some customers have had their Tune-In pages taken down. To be clear: This doesn’t mean customers are broadcasting illegally. In fact it’s the other way around. SoundExchange and the DMCA have no legal jurisdiction in Canada. Tune-In is playing it safe however and honoring Sony DMCA takedown notices for foreign radios even though they don’t legally apply. We live in strange times.

New Web Hosting Product Line

With the acquisition of Montreal Hosting Ltd. a few months ago, we picked up a high availability, modern web cluster which enables us to offer high quality cPanel Web Hosting at highly competitive prices ($9.96/month for the Unlimited Package). In light of the recent Sony activity, now is as important as ever to move your web hosting to Canada. Performance Rights Organizations in many countries (i.e. US, Germany and Italy) base their claims of jurisdiction quite often on the ip-address of the website and customers are barraged with claims of copyright violations. It has never been more important to eliminate any doubts that you are broadcasting from Canada. It’ll save you a lot of headaches.

BoomBox 2.4

Many have taken a look at the BoomBox Mobile 2.4 and resonance has been awesome to say the least. Development continues and hinges on the release of the global relay network, BoomBox Media Server and expansion of the AnyCastIP network. With the adoption of the WebRTC protocol, broadcasters will be able to broadcast directly through BoomBox and stream Flash media, but probably the most exciting development on the horizon is the seamless integration with

SoniXFM is our radio aggregation service much like Dirble and Tune-In, but on steroids. Through partnerships with Clear Channel, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Sony (believe it or not), the platform can already be found on mobile devices everywhere and we’re injecting social media features into it as well. Making a one stop popularization platform for ALL broadcasters.

BoomBox 2.4 will also see the release of our own directory service and as well an API for developers. We are also rebuilding our WebWidgets website embeddable widgets platform, rebuilding our player to use the global relay network (so you can be heard behind firewalls as well) and a mobile app for Google, Apple and Microsoft devices is in the works.

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