Major Update BoomBox 2.4 beta

Over the next 8 hours we will be releasing a major update to the BoomBox 2.4 platform. This update will address many issues customers have been experiencing with the SoniXCast Media Server, and related services. In order to ensure consistent settings, the repair utilities will be run against each customer account, service configuration updated and restarted which will lead to short down times as services are restarted. However, no long term down times are expected as most customers have already been migrated to the new SoniXCast Media Server (SXMS).

Change log:

Server Service: Phase 2 migration of the ShoutCast server to SXMS (all configuration and log files moved to database).

Auto-DJ Service: Final migration of the ShoutCast transcoder (auto-dj) to SXMS will be executed and the old ShoutCast transcoder deleted (no need to have both running at the same time anymore).

FTP server: With the latest update of our ftp server, behavior of the chroot directive was revised to automatically change to the system root directory which broke access for legacy ftp clients. A patch will be distributed to fix this issue.

SXMS Service: The checksum routine of music files has been moved to the read ahead buffer so that a badly encoded tracks are skipped from playback.

Repair Utilities: All repair utilities (UML, Playlist, Service and Station) now log to database and will be bound into the BoomBox alert system (under development) to facilitate user notification and intervention.

BoomBox 2.4 beta: The advanced event editor which mirrors exactly the mathematics of the shoutcast transcoder has passed alpha testing and is now in beta.

BoomBox 2.4.455 beta Released

We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox 2.4.455 beta with the following patches and features:

User Music Library (UML) File Manager features:

  • Dashboard Widget and Quick Access Menu
  • Delete, Move tracks (music files) uploaded to the SoniXCast Cloud.
  • Assign tracks to a playlist
  • Create, Rename, Delete folders.
  • Repair Music Library in the background (reads in tracks uploaded via FTP into BoomBox)
  • Assign all tracks in a folder to a playlist (done from the dashboard widget)

Event Editor

  • Templates adjusted to use industry standard terms and conditions
  • Periodic templates now supports Frequency, Placement and Duration options
  • Optional free hand entry of time values now supported
  • Sliders stepped at one minute intervals

Please read more or post any bugs/feature requests in our forum at

BoomBox 2.4.301 beta released

We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox 2.4.301.

Here a list of features and patches:

  • Added Playlist Track Editor: View and Remove music tracks from your playlist (more features pending future release)
  • Added Playlist Track Repair: Automatically repairs track file references. (useful for those playlists that won’t allow the auto-dj to start)
  • Fixed Event Editor Periodic Template: Replaced “Start Time” and “Time Offset” fields with Industry Standard “Frequency” and “Placement” fields
  • Fixed Duration included in Periodic Templates
  • Fixed Date Range now available in every template
  • Fixed Slider steps reduced from every 5 minutes to 1 minute

We will announce new updates to BoomBox 2.4 as they happen. Remember, if you find a bug or have a feature request, be sure to let us know in the BoomBox Support and Development Forum here.

BoomBox 2.4.211 beta released

We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox 2.4.211 beta! Here are a list of the features and fixes for this release:


  • Added services widget for managing services and adding value added services directly from the dashboard
  • Added Encoder settings widget for quick access to settings required for live broadcasting
  • Rebuilt Users widget which now displays the schedule schema, username and password of the user for use in live broadcasting
  • Added Playlist widget for directly managing playlists from the dashboard

Services->Server Editor

  • Repaired authorization hash setting to incorporate the recent changes made by
  • Publication setting is now independent of whether or not the authorization hash is present or not (fixes the out of sync issue with
  • Removed the auto-restart feature
  • Added Server restart button to the affix (save) menu

Services->Auto-DJ Editor

  • Repaired crossfade setting which is now using an easy to use slider component
  • Repaired bitrate setting (users can now set the bitrate regardless of encoder setting) which is now using an easy to use slider component
  • Removed the auto-restart feature
  • Added Auto-DJ restart button to the affix (save) menu

User Editor

  • Added auto-password generation feature
  • Sending email credentials is now working
  • Updated event scheduler (See: Event Editor)
  • Added Auto-DJ restart button to the affix (save) menu

Playlist Editor

  • Updated event scheduler (See: Event Editor)
  • Added Auto-DJ restart button to the affix (save) menu

Event Editor

  • Added template option as a precursor to the calendar component (under development) and to enable easy use of the templating system
  • Prioritization recommendations are highlighted according to template
  • Use of the calendar component now optional in date range settings
  • Timezone calculator implemented for start time setting which implements an easy to use slider component
  • Slider component implemented for duration and time offset settings


  • Added timezone display
  • Added 24 hour – AM/PM switch for switching time format in the system
  • Rewrite of the authentication system
  • Removed cookie session data management
  • NEW BoomBox integration into Customer Center (