BoomBox 2.4RC Software Patch

Unfortunately an important feature used to read id3v1 mp3 tags from music files was removed unannounced from 3rd party software during the last system update and that caused file corruption for some customers using tag editors that write id3v1 tags.

We have built our own mp3 tag parser to eliminate this issue going forward which had to be developed and fully tested before release. It took our team a couple of days to complete which is the reason for the delay. We are now in the process of restoring affected accounts, however some playlists might not have survived this issue and may have to be rebuilt. Be sure to login to boombox and check if you notice any issues with your Auto-DJ.

Important: Only a handful of customers were affected by this issue. If your service is working as expected, there is no need to take any action whatsoever.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you can appreciate that we were just as surprised about this issue as you were. With this patch, customers can once again process (move, delete, edit, repair) music tracks normally without concern.

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