Torontocast infringes on SoniXCast Patents

To be copied is the best form of flattery. Unless of course it is a wholesale ripoff! founded by Simon Cechacek andĀ Ronald Anderson decided to simply copy the SoniXCast broadcast license model (USPTO publication numberĀ 77898601) and “BoomBox” software platform (USPTO 6577949, USPTO 6778903 and pending publication USPTO 43338776) and simply make it their own.

Both Simon and Ron were part of the trusted Mag7 support group which supports customers here and in the facebook group “SoniXCast Producers”. Ron was granted limited access to the “BoomBox” source code in order to offer more in depth technical support. Both have since left SoniXCast and had their accesses revoked.

The case could be made to longer entrust customers with offering support to others, but we argue that there is no reason to change a successful concept just because of a couple of bad apples and will continue on with community based support.

We have engaged the services of the law firm White & Case ( who specialize in worldwide intellectual property infringement cases. Torontocast (and it’s members) has been served electronically and per certified mail with cease and desist orders. We hope that Simon and Ron will take the issue seriously and consider licensing SoniXCast intellectual property going forward as we encourage small business, but not at the cost of our own.

Cease and Desist Ronald Anderson

Cease and Desist Simon Cechacek

Synopsis DDNS issues

Like many other hosting providers, SoniXCast relies on 3rd party dynamic DNS (domain name system) to ensure that our website and applications are available worldwide.

Between 06/28/2017 and 07/01/2017 our previous DDNS provider (BuddyDNS) experienced catastrophic network issues and they have, to date, not resumed service. We have therefore retained the services of 2 other 3rd party providers (, to provide DDNS services.

DNS is the mapping of domain names (i.e. to an internet protocol (IP) address which enables browsers and other applications to find SoniXCast services. Dynamic DNS a.k.a AnyCast DNS is a modern version of DNS which also helps route requests to the server more expediently.

Like yourselves and your listeners, SoniXCast relies heavily on DDNS internally to support our monitoring and load balanced systems. Whenever there is an issue with DDNS, then those systems can get out of sync and problems occur like missing statistics, inability to reach the control panel or website from some locations, problems uploading files, services restarting without apparent reason and so forth…

In addition, over the last 3 months, BuddyDNS has notified our network support team that our account had gone over quota (50 million hits a day) half way through the month and threatened with suspension. Our network team was evaluating other providers when the BuddyDNS network went down.

On average and receive 42.3 million hits per day according to our internal counters. The majority of which come from white-label partners Sony (12 million), Apple (4 million), Microsoft (8 million) and Samsung (6 million). The rest come from retail accounts, diverse 3rd party aggregators and internal services.

We are confident that the new DDNS providers have adequate load capacity to serve SoniXCast well into the future and we wish we would have reacted sooner. However, it is nearly impossible to predict growth and popularity of a cutting edge system where no precedence exists and the decision was made to err on the side of caution.

For that we apologize to all our customers and partners and thank you for your patience and understanding.