Global Public Relay Phase 1 (Canada)

We are happy to announce the final release of the Global Public Relay (GPR) Phase 1 (Canada). This release replaces the old relay and addresses issues some customers were having with buffering during certain times of the day when load was exceptionally high.

As of immediately producers may publish the following to their webpage, tune-in et al…[My Station ID][My Station ID]

BoomBox has been updated to reflect changes and both links can be used alternately as redirect link using the port or as relay using the mount point. For example:

Say that your station id is 8000, your station now has the redirect link (or if you so choose) and a relay link of (or if you so choose).

Please refer to the BoomBox Dashboard page to retrieve your exact links.

Producers do not have to make any immediately changes to their current links. The old relay and redirect links (, are still active and work exactly as the new links do.

Producers will experience more listeners tuning in

The purpose of the global public relay is to take advantage of’s listenership. SoniXFM receives roughly 750K listener hits a day through partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, Sony and so on… These listeners will now have SoniXCast Stations at the top of their search results when, for example, searching for a radio station by Genre.

More reliable, faster listening and almost no buffering

The global public relay project was designed to be highly available at all times of the day or night. Essentially a cluster of separate nodes on average 5 per geo-location, if one falls out for any reason, the next will step right in a take the load. Listeners experience almost immediate listening pleasure from the moment they hit the play button and buffering is all but eliminated by balancing the load across multiple nodes.

More to come…

This is just phase 1 of the global rollout and only concerns North America. Other global locations are in the works/negotiations with Europe and Asia next in pipeline.

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