BoomBox 3.0 Released

We are ecstatic to announce the release of BoomBox 3.0 Radio Automation (BB-RA) which signals the finalization of the migration from the BoomBox 2.4 platform and the beginning of real time incremental updates.

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What’s Different?

BB-RA 3.0 has been simplified even more making it easier for new users, but also allows the fine tuning settings for more advanced control. All system resources are shared by multiple virtual nodes making BB more responsive and faster. We’ve implemented new file system tools eliminating the need to “repair” or “index” files uploaded via FTP. We’ve implemented a new, faster and more reliable music upload utility. BB-RA now has more extensive trends reporting for all station relevant demographics. Including geo-location mapping of listeners. The ShoutCast server has also been updated to the latest stable version (requires server restart) And the features go on and on…

Why the Migration?

BB 2.4 was based upon legacy server systems which required extensive maintenance and administration. This sometime lead to downtime despite modern hardware clustering and ip-failover. BB 3.0 is completely cloud based implementing virtual hardware nodes and deterministic load balancing eliminating downtime altogether.

Additionally, development was severely hindered by the monolithic architecture and would sometimes take weeks¬† to apply patches or new features. The new “plugged” architecture now allows an almost immediate path for development of patches and features.

Why the Delay?

We announced that the release of BB-RA 3.0 would happen before Christmas, but issues migrating listener statistics from 2.4 caused extensive delays. Therefore we decided to begin statistics collection starting immediately and will work on exporting historical data after the new year.

What do I have to do?

We recommend that all producers login at least once to complete the automated migration and statistics collection, restart the server (to use the latest version)  and index their music library and check playlists and dj settings. And, of course, report any issues you may be having to Support.

What about other features and documentation?

BB-RA is help context sensitive. Simply hold your mouse over the information icon associated with a setting and more detailed information and recommendations will be displayed. Full documentation will be released after the new year.

Other requested and announced features (like the global music library and advanced radio automation (LiquidSoap) implementation) are on-track for release next year.

Stay tuned for updates

With this release patches and feature updates will occur at a whirlwind pace and we will announce each as they are ready on our blog at

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