Migration BB23 and BB24

At 00:00 hours UTC Tuesday, February 27, 2018 we will be moving bb23.sonixcast.com and bb24.sonixcast.com into our new Data Center in Toronto Canada. This will also be a hardware upgrade giving both systems more resources to better serve client resources. Expected downtime is nominal and should only be a few minutes, but clients on these systems should expect longer downtimes of up to one hour.


If you are using the ip-address (instead of the hostname as you should), be advised that the ip-address will change and that you will have to contact support to get the updated ip-address after the migration is complete. We DO NOT post ip-addresses publicly on our websites or in social media for security reasons.

Additional Security Information

All systems going forward will block ICMP requests which means ping and traceroute operations from client computers will no longer function. Please refer to the customer area to check system status from this point forward.

Networks allocated to Russia and Russian aligned nations have been quarantined and will be extensively monitored going forward. Clients with computers on these networks should expect some slowing of the connection as backtraces are performed to determine the MAC address of your computer. If this test fails you will be blocked from our network.

Networks originating from China and North Korea have been permanently banned as well as any proxy networks and services in all countries.

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