New Web Hosting Products

We are proud to announce the release of our new cPanel Web Hosting Cluster. Now faster and more available than ever before! Existing customers can get their own subdomain and Web Hosting FREE for one year by using the promo code FREEWEB when ordering their product.

Why Should I host with SoniXCast?

Blazing fast and highly available: Our new infrastructure sports 3 new AnyCast DNS servers and 24 geographically located store and forward caching proxies that ensure that your website is as equally fast regardless of where you are in the world.

Government grade security: Hardware intrusion detection will stop DDoS and brute force attacks in their tracks and strict quarantine of “Bad Actor” nations updated daily by the US State Department and the Department of Homeland Security will ensure your data stays secure from ransom attacks and takedown attempts.

Ease of Use: Integrated tightly with our customer area, cPanel is the World’s Number 1 Web Hosting Control Panel. Well documented and designed for folks who are new to Web Hosting, setup takes only seconds and with One-Click installs, you website will be up and running in minutes!

BoomBox and SoniXFM integration: Upcoming releases of both BoomBox and SoniXFM will give producers more flexibility in popularizing their radio station. We’ve built our cPanel servers to integrate tightly with both. Besides; producers should have their websites hosted in Canada anyways to avoid license disputes with their local Performance Rights Organization.

One Time Offer for existing Customers

Now! For a limited time;¬†existing radio producers can order SoniXCast Web Hosting for One Year absolutely FREE! Just use the Promo code FREEWEB when ordering your product. Simply select the “use subdomain” option and enter your desired name (like the name and or call-sign of your radio) to get started quickly and for FREE. Later you will be able to link your account with BoomBox, Relays and SoniXFM!¬†You can always add your own vanity domain ( later, but keep in mind that it may cost extra to do so.

Only the following products apply for the FREEWEB discount

  • SX-100
  • SX-150
  • SX-200
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