Outage in the Montreal Datacenter

The main router in the Montreal Datacenter (CABHS) which enables access to the Internet suddenly stopped working at or around 09:00 hours UTC on 2/12/2018. It took a couple of hours to install and re-configure a new router and operations resumed at 18:00 hours UTC.

Preliminary autopsy results indicates a massive network attack occurred shortly before the router went offline, however there are indications that the router itself was hacked. The network team will present a full report by the end of business on Friday 2/16/2018.

The outage did not affect any other SoniXCast Datacenters.

We deem such an issue as untenable and our infrastructure team will make adjustments to ensure it does not happen again. This can include, moving accounts and services to other Datacenters within the SoniXCast Broadcast Network.

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