Issues on CABHS30 & CABHS31

Full disclosure:

Neither cabhs30 nor cabhs31 were ever down. The ip-address on each system was automatically changed due to some type of network attack we are still investigating.

The status page uses the hostname for most systems which automatically updates whenever there is an ip-address change as do the redirects and relays. However, because cabhs30 and cabhs31 are some of our oldest servers, they were (Yes. against our own recommendations) setup using the ip-address which is why the were showing offline. That issue has been permanently resolved.

The BoomBox system is designed to be hostname (, centric and using the ip-address anywhere will only cause you headaches as it WILL change at any time. The only thinkable gotcha is if you’re broadcasting live when the ip changes. Then you may notice a short interruption as the router re-routes your connection.

It is a necessary evil to keep Hackers and Trollers at bay, Folks.