Global Relay Updates

Some of you may have had issues with your relay url stopping after a few seconds. This issue has now been repaired for all SoniXCast customers. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What Happened?

Through our partnerships with Roku and iTunes, we were able to negotiate priority listings for SoniXCast Radio Stations. As a result listener and metadata query traffic went way up.

The immense amount of additional traffic quickly overloaded the set limit of 2 million connections per server, so we had to raised it to 8 million connections per server.

In addition, the intrusion detection system was seeing the higher than normal traffic as malicious and as a result began rotating ip-addresses. We’ve adjusted those limits as well.

As good measure we also updated the limits within the AnyCastIP network to ensure that there is enough bandwidth available for future growth and will be adding extra relay nodes in more locations.

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