CABHSxx Retired. Use BBxx Instead

Don’t use CABHSxx anymore. Use BBxx instead.

As announced in July 2017, we were required to update our server naming conventions from ‘’ to ‘’ and have finally retired the cabhsxx hostname alias.

Why the Change?

The naming convention cabhsxx is used by OVH Canada in naming their router network and early last year they requested that we change our hostnames. In the spirit of conscientious partnership (OVH Canada is a primary provider of hardware services for SoniXCast), our management team decided to comply, however it was communicated that a certain migration period would be required. Later on in the year, our license provider required that we associate host naming conventions with our broadcast call signs. Since we were going to have to change hostnames anyways, we decided on the ‘bbxx’ (for BoomBox) hostname prefix.

Unlike other providers, SoniXCast’s core business revolves around terrestrial radio, media content aggregation and popularization. Demands within the industry require that we adhere to strict guidelines which includes the propagation of associative and intuitive naming conventions.

As such, both partners and customers required that we upgrade our naming conventions to comply with local licensing regulations which we begun implementing in July 2017. In November, 2018 we officially retired the cabhsxx hostname prefix and removed it from our DNS servers.

Who or What is affected?

All SoniXCast customers were notified immediately last year in July 2017 as well as in regular quarterly newsletters that the pending host naming conventions would be changing. On November 5th, 2018 we received a letter from our license provider demanding the retirement of the cabhsxx prefix from our DNS servers and our management team deemed 14 months of constant communication enough notification for customers and listeners to have made any necessary changes.

Professional aggregation services like, and are NOT affected by the naming convention changes as they are under direct management of our infrastructure department. This includes professional terrestrial radio stations and affiliate media content providers Like SoniXFM, Roku, Sony and Rock-o-la.

Principally, NO customer should be using the cabhsxx prefix for listeners or 3rd party aggregation services like or as, per our broadcasting guidelines, those hostnames were reserved for live broadcasting only. However, even then, the relay/redirector network is more appropriate for live broadcasting as well.

The following server blocks were affected by the naming convention changes:

  • cabhs10 – cabhs29: Sony Interactive server block (managed internally)
  • cabhs30 – cabhs49: SoniXCast retail server block (managed by customers)
  • cabhs5x – cabhs69: server block (managed internally)
  • cabhs7x – cabhs89: server block (managed internally)
  • cabhs9x – cabhs99:¬† server block (managed internally)

Server blocks provisioned after July 15th, 2017 were already prefixed with the ‘bbxx’ naming convention.

The relay/redirector network is also not affected by the naming convention changes.

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