CentovaCast ‘Server Offline’ Issues

Shoutcast Server Port Woes

Recently some customers have reported their shoutcast v2 servers being offline in the CentovaCast control panel, however the stream server itself is online and they are able to broadcast. This is a known issue reported upon by other users many times in the CentovaCast Forum.

Quick Resolution: change the port setting in the configuration section of your CentovaCast control panel to a higher port (i.e. 8000 -> 9000). Save then restart your server service.

CentovaCast is a closed source project maintained by Centova Technologies Inc (https://centova.com) and as such our tech team has only limited insight into the workings of the control panel. The best we can ascertain based upon tracing operating system calls and reading the CentovaCast support forum is that the control panel is for some reason unable to kill the server process and notify the control panel as to its current state. This ‘confuses’ the control panel into believing the service is offline when it is in fact still running. Unfortunately, manually killing the process and restarting the server in the control panel also does not resolve the issue.

We’re limited in what we can do.

We offer CentovaCast only as a concession to those customers ‘hard set’ in using legacy streaming concepts or who are not interested in the features offered in BoomBox. Principally, CentovaCast is a competing product and unlike SoniXCast, Centova requires payment for support which is not worth the cost for the handful of customers using it.

The Resolution

The control panel must properly function in order to maintain DJ’s and playlists and the only reliable way we’ve found to fix the issue is to change the server port, save and restart the service which also synchronizes the configuration of the autodj. This is achieved by logging into CentovaCast, navigating to Configuration -> Settings and manually changing the port value. Afterwards click on Server -> Start to restart services. We recommend using a port value between 9000 and 10000.

The ‘auto’┬áport function does not function correctly in CentovaCast and it will always recommend the same old port.

Customers may have to try multiple ports before finding one that is free. CentovaCast does not seem to have any port checking built in, so there is a chance that a chosen port will conflict with that of another customer. Just keep changing the port and trying to start the server until a port is found that works.

Move to BoomBox

BoomBox is geared towards professional broadcasters who have little interest in the technical details of configuring a streaming service. The dynamic nature of BoomBox ip and port management often frustrates those wanting to use dedicated ip-addresses or change ports. Most Hobbyists find the playlist and DJ editors too tedious to use as they are geared towards how professional radio stations work. And BoomBox offers little to no access to the raw configuration files. However, our dev team is constantly working on BoomBox to make it better for all users and can react immediately to any issues that may arise.

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