BB35 Upgrade

Customers on BB35 (BoomBox) have been experiencing higher than usual loads due to a recent addition of the ABC Radio Network to the SoniXFM platform which has introduced SoniXCast Radios to an additional 4 million potential daily listeners.

BB35 is one of the last servers on the legacy hardware platform and is having a hard time keeping up with the additional network traffic which is disturbing smooth operations in Europe and South America.

We are in the process of setting up new hardware and will move BB35 and are adding 4 more AnyCastIP nodes in Europe and South America
over the next 24 hour period in order to handle the higher than usual network traffic.

Customer Impact is expected to be minimal to non-existent as BB35 has long been part of SoniXCast’s portable dynamic IP network, however customers using static IP-Addresses are advised to contact support to request an updated IP or to conform with usage guidelines and begin using the fully qualified hostname (

We apologize for any inconvenience to customers and listeners of the SoniXCast Broadcast Network. Turning up a new broadcast provider the size of the ABC Radio Networks is a complex process in which the full impact is near impossible to predict until listeners start actually tuning in.

It is unfortunate that our wonderful partners in Europe and South America, have been challenged to keep up with the additional loads, however we all are dedicated to addressing such issues with vigor and with an eye on future expansion so that such disturbances remain the exception going forward.

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