Recent Support Issues

We wish to apologize to all retail customers who have experienced delayed support responses over the last 30 days. Due to an unfortunate series of events, human resources at SoniXCast have been strained to the limit on issues of exceptionally high priority and have only been able to rotate to retail customer issues during overtime hours.

In short, we were hit with a compliance audit of our licensing platform for Apple and Google, two stream hosting provider acquisitions, a complete rewrite of our backend services platform to comply with recent privacy regulations as well as dealing with very frustrating networking issues in South America and Asia which all had to be completed immediately and were of vital importance.

As of this writing, we are mostly caught up and are resolving retail customer issues as quickly as possible. Additionally, we are employing more resources to help going forward. However, these issues are ongoing and finding knowledgeable individuals to tackle these tasks will be a process.

The release of BoomBox 3.4 has also been delayed for the reasons mentioned above, however it was mostly finished before the events occurred and once the review and documentation processes have been completed, release to the public will proceed in short order.

In the meantime, I would like to address the most commonly reported customer issues here, so we can better optimize support request and response time. Until further notice, We ask that customers only submit a support request if their service is non responsive:

Buffering, Stuttering and Stream Drop-outs

Our network is designed so that millions of listeners can tune in simultaneously and I’ve never seen the load go beyond 1% even after the addition of Apple, Google and Amazon listeners. But, the internet is made up of a whole bunch of disparate networks of varying quality and results may vary according to location, time of day or even how busy your computer is. We have no insight nor authority to diagnose networks not under our control, but the solution is usually very simple: Try restarting your browser and/or router. In both instances, resources are freed and listening pleasure is usually restored. In rare instances localized issues may occur at the provider and the only thing you can do is wait until it is fixed.

Listeners being kicked from the Stream

Radionomy (the owner of ShoutCast) often has issues with their platform, specifically the yellow pages services (directory listing at The ShoutCast streaming server (used by most retail customers) will crash and restart if the yp service is unavailable which will also cause listeners to be kicked from the stream. We can’t do anything about it and all you can do is wait until the yp service is back online.

Another common occurrence of listeners being kicked is when attempting to take over the stream from the autodj using a live broadcast client like SAM or Winamp. If the encoder settings (usually the bitrate) are not identical with the autodj, the streaming server will kick all listeners to accommodate for the new encoder settings of the broadcast client.

PayPal Payment Issues

PayPal is our primary payment provider and they have sometimes issues as well. One of the most common issues is that payments are not applied immediately. In such occurrences, simply send us the transaction number in text form to billing support and we will lookup and apply the payment manually. Please do not send screenshots, as they are not accepted by PayPal and we won’t be able to verify your payment.

CentovaCast Issues

We only offer CentovaCast stream hosting as a concession to those unwilling to use the BoomBox platform and therefore provide only basic support as (like with other 3rd party software) we have only limited insight into the software itself. One of the most common issues is the server not starting or showing error pages. This is due to an issue with port allocation within CentovaCast and can only be repaired by manually changing the port which only we can do. We ask only that you tell us the server will not start, so that we can quickly fix the issue for you and respond with an updated port number.

In Closing…

I would like to close by personally apologizing for retail customer support performance over the last 30 days and beg your understanding that we are trying to address your issues as quickly as humanly possible. I would ask, for the sake of expediency, that retail customers keep support requests technical and to the point. There is no need to include log files (we have access to them) or screenshots unless we specifically ask for them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Brian Walton
Owner – SoniXCast LLC

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