Updated Rollout BoomBox 3.4

We’ve run into some unforeseen issues while rolling out BoomBox 3.4 and have revised the rollout plan as follows:

  • CDN: The global content delivery network has been updated to version 3.4 and is functioning normally.
  • Relay: The global relay network has been updated to version 3.4 and is functioning normally.
  • SoniXFM: has been updated to version 3.4, however the public facing website is still experiencing issues. NOTE: The SSL certificate has not expired, but is not being processed correctly by the webserver which is causing improper redirects. All other popularization features (Amazon, iTunes Google…) are functioning normally. Projected completion: 05/03/2019.
  • Streaming Servers [bb3x]: ONLY BB30 has been updated to version 3.4 as the control panel was no longer working correctly. Customers on bb30 must adhere to the information below to manage their accounts. All other customers are to login and manage their services as before until further notice. Rollout of the remaining servers will continue at a rapid pace which will include additional notifications until the expected completion date of 05/03/2019.


BB30.sonixcast.com customers are to use the new centralized boombox control panel at https://bb.sonixcast.com with the username and password found in the service management area of the customer center (https://cp.sonixcast.com). USERS ON OTHER SERVERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MANAGE THEIR SERVICES FROM THE NEW CONTROL PANEL UNTIL OTHERWISE ADVISED. Once the provisioning system has been updated, customers on bb30.sonixcast.com will then be able to login as before over the customer center (cp.sonixcast.com)


BE ADVISED THAT THE NEW CONTROL PANEL V3.4 IS STILL BEING ACTIVELY DEVELOPED. Although all major features have been tested and should work as expected, the feature set released in this version has not been tested on all systems which is the primary reason for the delay in rollout. Customers using the new centralized control panel BB v3.4 should expect intermittent errors and outages while the system is being worked on. PLEASE, DO NOT REPORT ANY ISSUES TO SUPPORT UNTIL OTHERWISE ADVISED. By the time you report an issue, our team has more than likely already repaired it.

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