New SBN (Relay, Redirect)

We are happy to announce the release of the new SoniXCast Broadcast Network (SBN) v.1.0.256. We have completely remove the dependency on the icecast codebase to proxy connections and released (in conjunction) the final version of SoniXCast Media Server (SXMS) v.5.3.


Enhanced popularization. Near real time directory push to 3rd party aggregators and white label partners (u.a. Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft). Station updates like; currently playing track and online status are now pushed to aggregators every 90 seconds.

PRO regulations compliance. Mounts (relay urls) are now directly associated with a physical broadcast license that worldwide Performance Rights Organizations can lookup internally to verify a stations license.

Http and https proxy support. Useful for listening to stations behind a firewall, bolstering listener confidence as well as complying with modern mobile streaming standards.

Connection aware variable bitrate negotiation. Stream bitrates and compression are optimized for more mobile device support without affecting broadcast quality.

Accurate listener counts and statistics. Although connections are proxied through the SoniXCast Media Server, important information like ip-address, hostname and connectime is reported directly to the streaming server. Customers can now ban ip’s and get accurate listener statistics.

Web based directory service. (http(s):// In this release we developed a basic directory service where listeners can lookup SoniXCast stations.

How Redirects and Relays work?

Station owners have three (3) separate urls they can give their listeners or 3rd party services like; Tune-In or Nobex to tunein to their station and each has specific properties designed to enhance listening pleasure, security and availability. Here is some detailed information on each and where they should be used.

Direct Url (not recommended ever): ( The direct streaming server url should never really be used unless you want to use a 3rd party monitoring tool to see if your streaming server is online. The direct connection to the server is not optimized for delivery to mobile devices or 3rd party services, so it will report offline or not work at all on some devices like the iPhone or Google Phone. Additionally we sometimes need to change the port number or move your streaming server to another host and that would mean changing the hostname and/or port everywhere else you used it.

Redirect Url (recommended for broadcasting live): (,, The redirect url is for handing out to DJ’s to broadcast live over or 3rd party Auto-DJ’s (transcoders) to broadcast through. It is a direct tunnel to your streaming server with the difference that it will always remain the same host and port number (which corresponds to the actual station license number) regardless of what your actual streaming server host and port is. Like the direct connection it shouldn’t be given to listeners, but works well with 3rd party services like Tune-In and Nobex.

Relay Url (recommended for listeners and website links): (http(s):// This is the best url to give your listeners and 3rd party services (You cannot broadcast over this url). It is optimized for mobile devices and slow (Dial-up) network connections, is buffered so that you can restart your Auto-DJ or Server with little to no connection drops and is the same url associated with your station on u.a. iTunes, Google Play or Amazon Alexis.

Never use the IP-Address! Hackers are on the loose and we change the ip-addresses occasionally when attacks are suspected. In the future, this will occur more often as we upgrade our infrastructure to be more cloud based and virtual. Use the ip-address at your own peril, because it can change at any time or you can even be blocked.

We still have work to do…

Right now only BoomBox stations are managed by the SBN (, but we will be adding Centovacast stations, and stations as well as other 3rd party aggregators to the directory, relay and redirect platform over the next few months.

A JSON api is in the works as well as website widgets and a mobile app.

The website will be retired and redirected to the SBN directory page in the next few days.

We will announce feature updates as they become available.

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