BoomBox Updates 7.10.2019

We are happy to announce that we have release patch which addresses reported customer issues among those being consolidation of the media folders, repair of the global music library access as well as numerous performance and UI enhancements.

BoomBox is now in continuous build mode which means software patches and upgrades will be released daily until version 3.5 has been achieved. Customers will only be notified when major backend or user interface changes have been made which may affect usage.

Change Log

  • renamed music folder to media in order to prepare for enhanced video and podcast support slated for BB 3.5.
  • repaired access to the global music library for all paid customers
  • removed the repair utility (heartbeat icon in top navbar) as that functionality has been incorporated into the ‘Save and Apply’ feature for each service (Server, Transcoder).
  • rebuilt auditing functions to reflect the changes in the media folder structure.

Customer Impact

Customers who have not configured and or restarted their services for over 3 months, will have their services force restarted over the next 24 hours in order to migrate configuration and ensure that the services are running the most recent version of boombox. This process is imperative to ensure that all customers are compliant with new licensing and reporting regulations.

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