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BoomBox Free for Life!

We are happy to announce the release of our BoomBox shared hosting program which includes BoomBox stream hosting for life!

That’s right! Early Adopters of the BoomBox Shared Hosting program can sign up for a FREE for Life! stream hosting account @128Kbps bitrate, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Users and Unlimited Playlists.

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IRUC Registered and Accredited

Unlike other hosting providers, we make global licensing our main business. SoniXCast has been registered since 2015 with IRUC (Internet Radio Uniform Callsign). PRO’s use the IRUC database to verify your radio station registration and only SoniXCast works with PRO’s to ensure each station is properly licensed. No other stream hosting provider can offer that amount of protection.

See for yourself. Lookup SoniXCast at

BoomBox is more…

BoomBox is much more than a stream hosting control panel. BoomBox is true Radio Automation and Popularization platform for everyone that run’s fully in the browser. Here are just some of the features:

  • Hosted globally on the biggest, fastest, most reliable cloud hosting platforms. AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure (Microsoft).
  • Each station has its own callsign registered under the SoniXCast umbrella IRUC callsign.
  • Built in Popularization equals more listeners. Each station is simultaneously registered with our partners iTunes, Google Play, Sony, iHeartRadio, Roku and many, many more.
  • Our Patented global relay and redirect network ensures your stream is heard with the same high quality on every device, everywhere. Even through corporate firewalls.
  • Easy and intuitive to use. Inspired and designed by you. Our customers.
  • Realtime and Cumulative listener statistics and much more…

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