BoomBox v3.5 Release

We are happy to announce that this weekend (8/17 – 8/18, 2019) we will be incrementally (server-by-server) migrating and releasing BoomBox v3.5. This long awaited release is a complete departure from previous releases which is why the maintenance window is as long as it is.

Each account will be migrated and tested by the deployment team. This includes migration to the new data structure, elimination of the classic sc_trans transcoder for liquidsoap (Yes. we will restart your Auto-DJ). Migration of Users (DJ’s) and Playlists as well as listeners and usage statistics.

At times you may not be able to manage your stream, but your streaming server will stay up! We will do our best to keep control panel downtimes to a minimum, but the devil is in the details which is why we are testing each individual account migration and making any needed code adjustments on the fly. If you have the autodj disabled and are just using the streaming server, this won’t matter to you, but those who have complex program scheduling patterns may experience a few minutes of downtime while we adjust your Auto-DJ settings.

Save your support tickets for Monday. We will not be manning the support department during the rollout process. More than likely the rollout team has fixed the issue in the time it took you to write a ticket anyways, so save yourself the hassle. Just try logging in a few minutes later or press ‘Ctrl-F5’ to force update the browser. Eventually it will work.

This release will NOT include Webcaster. Webcaster is a value added plugin that allows broadcasters to broadcast live directly from the browser or mobile device without the need of any special hardware or software and eliminates the need for external source clients like Winamp or SAM Broadcaster and will be announced at a later date.

Webcaster will be offered in 3 flavors

  • Webcaster Light which will only allow broadcasters to use the microphone
  • Webcaster Full which offers the same feature of Webcaster Light and can broadcast local playlists (like Winamp or SAM)
  • Webcaster OnDemand is Webcaster Full where pricing is based upon use.

Features included in this release:

  • New more intuitive and ergonomic design with more support for the sight impaired and screen readers.
  • Complete code rewrite, extensive caching and global AWS deployment for dramatic performance improvements
  • Sidebar menu for quicker access to Users, Playlists and Settings.
  • Low latency inline player for monitoring your live broadcast.
  • New Playlist Event Manager to aid in creating playback scheduling patterns.
  • Upgraded to the latest Shoutcast version (available after restart)

Things you should think about this Weekend…

After this release, there will be multiple streaming server configurations from which you can upgrade or downgrade to as follows…

  • Dedicated Shoutcast Server Instance
  • Shared Shoutcast Server Instance
  • Dedicated Icecast Server Instance
  • Shared Icecast Server Instance
  • Dedicated Universal Media Server
  • more to follow…

Besides the individual features each provides, the pricing will vary according to whether an instance is dedicated or shared.

Currently all accounts are Dedicated Shoutcast Server Instances, which requires expensive dedicated resources and will go up in price after this release. You should consider downgrading to a shared instance if the pricing is unacceptable to you.

The only difference between a dedicated and shared instance is the direct link and the amount of concurrent listeners (limited on shared accounts, unlimited on dedicated). Your relay and redirect links will remain the same.

Be Advised! We will notify you independently of any pricing variations on your account.

AAC+ is gone forever. With the demise of the classic sc_trans transcoder goes AAC+ which never gained widespread usage. But no worries! You don’t have to re-encode or re-upload your media collection. Liquidsoap does a much better job transcoding audio files and supports all major formats (mp3, mp4, wav, ogg, aac …).

Use Edcast to broadcast with your source client! Like Winamp or if you’re using source clients like SAM Broadcaster, change your encoder to icecast and the username (if required) and password found in BoomBox. Links to download and documentation on how to configuration Edcast for BoomBox will be published on and announced separately after this release has been rolled out.

No more Trials. Now just Free-for-Forever Accounts! We will be eliminating trial accounts altogether and instead offering limited shared Free-for-Forever accounts going forward which can be upgraded to paid accounts at anytime. Exact details will be announced separately.

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