About SoniXCast

SoniXCast was initially founded in 2009 by Brian and Inge Walton to support Inge’s hobby as a Broadcast DJ and offered simple, low cost stream hosting services based on ShoutCast. Within a short period of time, SoniXCast grew to host over 100 radio stations and officially opened up shop in New York City in 2010.

In 2011 SoniXCast was approached by Sony Interactive Entertainment (sie.com) to develop a high quality network for their motion picture branch in order to share audio and video data with industry professionals located worldwide. The network concept and related patents were adopted by the IETF (ietf.org) in 2012.

In 2013 SoniXCast was approached by Premier Global (pgi.com) to develop network based audio recording and archival systems for their Web Meeting platform which later became an integral part of the iMeet platform.

Also in 2013, SoniXCast opened an office in Montreal Canada and began a long standing relationship with SOCAN (socan.ca) to offer cost effective fully licensed stream hosting worldwide.

Since then SoniXCast has released their global broadcast network hosting over 50.000 Internet and Terrestrial Radio Stations (SoniXFM.com) which has now become the largest radio broadcast network worldwide.

Who’s Who?

Brian Walton – Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (CEO): Brian holds honorary masters degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Heidelberg. An industry professional of over 30 years he is the principal on over 12 patents (Siemens, Microsoft, SoniXCast). Over his career he has consulted for the US Department of Defense (NMCI), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Tivoli), Microsoft (Web Services Team), Oracle (Java), Premier Global (WebEx), First Data Corp (Linkpoint) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL – New Horizons – Imaging Systems). Now semi-retired, he puts all of his remaining energy into SoniXCast.

Inge Walton – She who wears the pants (CFO): Inge holds degrees in business and customer service, manages all back office and billing duties at SoniXCast and makes sure that Brian gets up in the morning.

Björn Korzer – They call me the Fireman (CTO): A long time personal friend of the Waltons, Björn initially started with SoniXCast as customer in 2009 and then quickly demonstrated his technical and customer service expertise. He has since become the primary force behind corporate and customer messaging at SoniXCast.