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[revision 20171203] This documentation is under constant development and you are encouraged to check often for updates.

The BoomBox API (v.2.4) provides a REST programmers interface to the BoomBox core system. Publically exposed interface calls can be found and tested at https://api.sonixcast.com/test.html. Data responses are in the JSON data format decorated with a request and response section.

TheĀ request section contains information about the request including relevant server and performance data.

The response section contains the response data queried in the request section.

Jquery request example:

$.getJSON("https://api.sonixcast.com/Server/Status/?licenseKey=3A62904B6B0A52FF5C1F8A84C905F3D1", function(data) {

JSON response example

"request": {
"origin": null,
"class": "Server",
"function": "Status",
"method": "GET",
"parameters": {
"licenseKey": "3A62904B6B0A52FF5C1F8A84C905F3D1",
"uid": "testAccount",
"hostname": "cabhsdev.sonixcast.com"
"timestamp": "2017-03-12T12:50:20+00:00"
"response": {
"online": 1,
"uptime": {
"etime": "23:41:44",
"humanreadable": "0 Days, 23 Hours, 41 Minutes, 44 Seconds"
"uptimeLong": "0 Days, 23 Hours, 41 Minutes, 44 Seconds",
"restartRequired": 0,
"version": " (posix(linux x86))",
"listed": 0

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