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File Manager

This is a quick description and how-to for the BoomBox Control Panel File Manager. More documentation to follow.. The file manager allows users to manage and upload music tracks.


In BoomBox we use industry standard nomenclature in order to simplify usage and communication. Music files are audio files (commonly known as mp3’s) and are called tracks throughout the system.

Terms used in this document

  • Track(s): music or audio files (commonly known also as mp3’s)
  • Folder(s): A physical file system location where tracks are stored
  • Transcoder: The proper name of the automatic disc-jockey or AutoDJ.


Menu bar located to the left of the file manager which contains specific functions and listings.


This is a list of physical folders and (in parenthesis) the amount of files stored therein on the file system in which music can be uploaded either via FTP or Upload Manager. Users can create, delete folders or filter the track overview by folder name.

  • [icon name=”filter”] Filters the track overview table
  • [icon name=”plus-circle”] Creates a folder
  • [icon name=”minus-circle”] Deletes a folder

Overview Table

A functional overview of all tracks. One or more playlists can be selected to perform specific functions upon. Select one or more items and click the corresponding button for the desired function to be performed.


  • Upload: Open the Track Upload Utility (you must allow popups in your browser)
  • Move: Move one or more tracks from one folder to another
  • Delete: Delete one or more selected playlists with confirmation
  • Reload: Read files in from their respective physical locations into the digital rights management (DRM) database. This function verifies that files have been properly uploaded, licensed and are ready for playback.
  • Add To Playlist: Add one or more selected tracks to a desired playlist.
  • Help: Opens the context sensitive help.
  • Search: Searches the overview table for tracks by name.
  • Refresh (Symbol): Refreshes the current view.


  • Selection: Select individual items or select the checkbox in the title area to select all items.
  • Name: Display’s physical file name of the track.
  • Details: Display’s a truncated view of track metadata.
  • Folder: Display’s the folder in which the physical track is stored.
  • Size: Display’s the track size in human readable form.
  • Status: Display’s the playback availablity status.

Track Upload Tool Toolbar

  • Select Folder: Select the folder in which to upload track to. (default musicbase)
  • Add Tracks: Open a select file dialog in which one or multiple tracks can be added to the upload queue.
  • Start: Begin uploading tracks previously added to the upload queue.
  • Cancel: Stop all uploads and clear the upload queue.

Track Upload Tool

The Track Upload Tool allows users to upload tracks from their local computer by either dragging and dropping tracks from the local file manager or using the “Add Tracks” feature to open a local file selection dialog box.

Quick How-To’s

Coming soon.

Common Issues

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