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Server Manager

Concepts and Description

BoomBox employs the latest hybrid build of ShoutCast Server 2.5.5 as the primary streaming platform. ShoutCast was chosen for its widespread use, acceptance and backwards compatibility with the ShoutCast.com yellow pages (YP) service. The SoniXCast ShoutCast streaming service is built with custom extensions which enables seamless integration into the Global Relay Network (based upon Icecast) to facilitate maximum compatibility with popular streaming platforms, players and devices.

Configuration Settings:

  • Admin Password (Required): This password is required for gaining access to the media server administration control panel.
  • Source Password (Required): This password is required for broadcasting directly to the media server.
  • Adaptive Buffer (Recommended): By enabling AnyCastIP™ adaptive buffering, your listeners will be able to tune in faster, at higher quality and with more reliability. You should only disable this feature if you are having trouble listening with some older flash players.
  • Name Lookups (Not Recommended): Performs a reverse DNS hostname lookup based upon the ip-address of the connecting listener (shows hostname instead of ip-address in the connection log). Enabling the feature could slow down the time in which a listener will be able to hear your stream by as much as 30 seconds.
  • Source Port: This is the port to be set in the connection settings of your source client (broadcast software) when broadcasting in ‘Server Direct’ mode
  • Redirect Port: This is the port used by the AnyCastIP™ Global Redirector to point listeners to your stream
  • Mount Point: This is the mount point used by the AnyCastIP™ Global Relay Network to point listeners to your stream
  • Authorization Hash (Optional): The authorization hash is required only if you wish your stream to be displayed at shoutcast.com (you must register first).

Menu Options

To the left of the top of the page next to the ‘Save’ (floppy icon) and ‘Help’ (question icon) buttons is a pull out menu which offers additional AutoDJ features and options. In addition to the standard option (Save and Help) the following operations are provided:

  • Restart: stops and restarts the service
  • Start: starts the service (is ignored if already running)
  • Stop: stops the service (is ignored if not running or disabled)
  • Kick Broadcast Source: removes the current source be it a DJ or AutoDJ from the stream server
  • Rotate Log Files: instructs the system to save the current log file under a different name and to begin logging anew
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