Interim Update Playlist & DJ Manager

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We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox Playlist & DJ Manager version 3.1sc. This interim release addresses customer reported issues and finalizes the user interface conversion for the upcoming release of BoomBox Liquidsoap.

Patches in this version

  • The inability for some browsers to save playlist settings or apply folder changes.
  • Upgraded UI components (which partially caused playlist saving issues)
  • Changes made to Playlists or DJ’s would not immediately be affected in the AutoDJ service.
  • AutoDJ service would randomly crash for no reason.

What’s New?

  • Complete rewrite of the user interface replacing deprecated components (dropdowns, checkboxes…) with Bootstrap 4 standardized components.
  • More management functionality added to the Playlist and DJ Manager overview tables.
  • Elimination of browser specific code bettering Mobile Device compatibility.
  • Added more Recurrence scenarios for added programming flexibility.
  • Larger Icons for better readability.
  • Updated documentation and usage examples.

Overview Pages

The Playlist & DJ Manager Overview pages have been completely rewritten now using Bootstrap 4 standardized components and larger icons for better readability and mobile device compatibility. Producers will appreciate the added management capabilities like being able to adjust Priority, Recurrence, Shuffle and Repeat settings directly from the overview page.

Editor Pages

Like the Overview pages, The Editor pages have been completely rewritten for speed, and compatibility. Not much was changed in the layout, however new Date and Time Pickers were implemented to facilitate ease of use as well as larger buttons and icons to aid readability.

BoomBox User Manager updated to 2.3

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been incrementally upgrading BoomBox components to 2.3 which is planned for final release in December 2016. We’re happy to announce the release of the BoomBox User Manager version 2.3 which contains fixes and feature requests supplied by the community in the bug tracker, in our ticket system and in social media. Here is the list of features and changes:

Change log:

  • More restrictive form validation to ensure against user errors resulting in the Auto-DJ not starting
  • User Alias is now required to support DJ-pages on
  • Completely reworked the email and send credentials composer
  • Simplified the event scheduling system. Made it easier to setup Guest DJ’s
  • User interface enhancements including animating the save button
  • OSHA compliant interface upgrades to facilitate the use of screen readers.

We’ve also updated out documentation which can be viewed here.

Remember to contact the #Mag7 Support group or in the facebook Group SoniXCast Producers is you have any issues whatsoever. Report bugs and feature request in the Bug Tracker.