BoomBox Minor Patch Released

Customers having issues restarting their server or that some settings are not being applied on BoomBox will be happy to hear that we just released a patch to BoomBox that resolves these issues and more.

The recently released patch (3.3.3212) resolves an undocumented operating system idiosyncrasy that caused wide ranging issues starting and stopping streaming services which would keep some changes from being applied.

Kudos go out to the Dev Team for fixing this issue quickly and apologies go out to the customers who experienced inconveniences resulting from this issue.

BoomBox 3.1 Patch for Chrome

We are happy to announce the release of the Chrome Browser Cache patch for BoomBox 3.1.

The Issue:

Chrome Browser (like Mozilla [Firefox]) uses proprietary caching to cache web pages for faster viewing. With the update to Bootstrap 4 in BoomBox 3.1, Chrome specifically ignored the standard directive to empty said cache when using forms resulting in some features not working correctly. For example: Server, AutoDJ, individual DJ and Playlist pages would not display all settings. Other Browsers like Opera, IE and Firefox were not reported as having the same issue, however the patch will affect them as well.

The Fix:

We added code that would force Chrome and other browsers (IE, Firefox) to NOT cache pages containing forms, force loading the current values from the database.

For Customers:

Customers who experienced issues changing individual settings for the Server, AutoDJ, or individual DJ’s and Playlist’s are encouraged to login to BoomBox and try again. Please report any issues to

AutoDJ Patch

We are happy to announce the release of BoomBox AutoDJ patch version which resolves the following reported customer issues:

  • Unable to save existing DJ and Playlist settings
  • Unable to create Playlist
  • Invalid folder configuration
  • Track Folder not created

Customers who were having issues with the AutoDJ are encouraged to login and try again and to report any continuing or new issues to

AutoDJ Patch

We are happy to announce that we have released a patch that resolves reported issues with the AutoDJ.

BoomBox Patch 3.1.1 includes the following fixes:

  • Incorrect display of form values on some browsers
  • Saving of AutoDJ settings on some browsers
  • Adding and Deleting DJ’s
  • Adding and Deleting Playlists

The primary reason why some customers were having issues saving AutoDJ settings was due to undocumented changes in the JQuery library which would send only partial form data to the API. This forced BoomBox to fallback to default configuration settings resulting in some values not being recognized by the system.

Customers who had difficulties with the AutoDJ are encouraged login to BoomBox and try again. And please report any further issues immediately to the team.

Transcoder Patch

Please be advised that a patch has been released which repairs issues reported by customers concerning playlist playback. All transcoders are currently being updated by script and users are encouraged to check their individual playlist settings as soon as possible. No other user action is required.

Reported Issue

Periodic and Sequential Playlists would not playback at the subscribed times or not at all


libxml2 compatibility issue.


After system update, the updated libxml2 library mangled the output from the event prioritizer feeding the transcoder with partial event information. Thusly all playlists were mis-prioritized and fallback went to the first playlist in the queue.


The transcoder was re-compiled in order to support extended xml features and pushed out to all servers. Each account with an active autodj is being re-configured and restarted by script.

Important Information

The transcoder update script was started on 01/19/2018 at 19:00 UTC and is expected to take two hours to complete on all systems. The script will automatically re-generate configuration files with their current settings, so users are encourage to verify playlist settings, but to take no other action until after 21:00 UTC or once the autodj (transcoder) has been restarted by the system or otherwise notified (i.e. facebook post) by the support team.