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SoniXFM™ has long been known as the radio aggregation and populization platform driving music services like Amazon, iTunes and Microsoft and more recently on devices like Roku, Playstation and XBox. But now music lovers can listen to their favorite radio at a click of a button on any device, anywhere in the world. Just visit! Developed and tested to work with every browser on almost every device, the new is the straightforward and intuitive way to find and tunein to high quality radio broadcasting.

Blazing Fast Search Engine

Search for any type of media content by keyword, genre, format even country at speeds found nowhere else. Our highly optimized search engine will scan through over 2 million unique content providers to find the content you want right now! See why the SoniXFM platform is so popular with music service providers and listeners alike.

Tunein in an Instant!

All streaming is proxied through AnyCastIP, the broadcasting network used by millions to listen to radio regardless of device or location at the same speed and high quality as listening at home. SoniXCast Broadcast Network (SBN) and BoomBox customers already use AnyCastIP, but now third party streaming content providers benefit from faster startup times and higher quality for their listeners worldwide as well.

Want to learn more?

SoniXFM has been around for a long time, but not always as a consumer product. Only recently has there been demand for a central website for listeners to go to and now answers that call. SoniXFM, like all SoniXCast products is under constant development in order to offer consumers and providers the best possible content and latest technologies. If you are interested in whitelabeling the SoniXFM aggregation services, contact If you are interested in reading more about SoniXFM and underlying technologies, visit the SoniXFM About page.

BoomBox 3.0 Released

We are ecstatic to announce the release of BoomBox 3.0 Radio Automation (BB-RA) which signals the finalization of the migration from the BoomBox 2.4 platform and the beginning of real time incremental updates.

Visit BoomBox at:

What’s Different?

BB-RA 3.0 has been simplified even more making it easier for new users, but also allows the fine tuning settings for more advanced control. All system resources are shared by multiple virtual nodes making BB more responsive and faster. We’ve implemented new file system tools eliminating the need to “repair” or “index” files uploaded via FTP. We’ve implemented a new, faster and more reliable music upload utility. BB-RA now has more extensive trends reporting for all station relevant demographics. Including geo-location mapping of listeners. The ShoutCast server has also been updated to the latest stable version (requires server restart) And the features go on and on…

Why the Migration?

BB 2.4 was based upon legacy server systems which required extensive maintenance and administration. This sometime lead to downtime despite modern hardware clustering and ip-failover. BB 3.0 is completely cloud based implementing virtual hardware nodes and deterministic load balancing eliminating downtime altogether.

Additionally, development was severely hindered by the monolithic architecture and would sometimes take weeks  to apply patches or new features. The new “plugged” architecture now allows an almost immediate path for development of patches and features.

Why the Delay?

We announced that the release of BB-RA 3.0 would happen before Christmas, but issues migrating listener statistics from 2.4 caused extensive delays. Therefore we decided to begin statistics collection starting immediately and will work on exporting historical data after the new year.

What do I have to do?

We recommend that all producers login at least once to complete the automated migration and statistics collection, restart the server (to use the latest version)  and index their music library and check playlists and dj settings. And, of course, report any issues you may be having to Support.

What about other features and documentation?

BB-RA is help context sensitive. Simply hold your mouse over the information icon associated with a setting and more detailed information and recommendations will be displayed. Full documentation will be released after the new year.

Other requested and announced features (like the global music library and advanced radio automation (LiquidSoap) implementation) are on-track for release next year.

Stay tuned for updates

With this release patches and feature updates will occur at a whirlwind pace and we will announce each as they are ready on our blog at

New Global Relay Network Released

Now available at or!

As part of our continued commitment to provide the best global broadcasting solutions, our development gnomes have released the SoniXCast global relay network.

What it does…

The global relay network (GRN), once completed, will consist of 7 nodes (one for each major continent) that will relay SoniXCast stream services via a super fast dedicated fiber optic backbone to each location resulting in better performance and lower buffer rates.

This is especially important for mobile devices as the transfer rate of each stream service then equals that of the capacity of most 4G wireless networks. Resulting in smoother player startup and more reliable network connections.

What does this mean for Broadcasters?

Besides raising the quality of your listeners experience, the global relay network broadcasts through port 80 eliminating the problem of listening to your radio behind a firewall.

Like the current permanent url feature, each mount point receives a unique number related to the radio’s call-sign which never changes as long as you host with SoniXCast. Even if you temporarily suspend your service and re-open at a later date. In fact, the permanent url’s will forward to the actual relay mount point once network build up is complete.

Do you use a 3rd party tool or aggregator to present or collect listener statistics? Well now gathering that data will be faster and more reliable as it is presented in near real-time. That will speed up your website and thoroughly eliminates issues with 3rd party aggregators like Tune-In, and Dirble or tools like RadioToolbox. And because you can query over port 80, there is no need to open up firewall ports on your computer.

In addition to having your Radio listed on, it will also be listed in the (Icecast) radio directory. Vanity mount points (i.e. or will be a value added service expected to be provided in BoomBox 2.4.

What about my listeners?

Well besides the obvious faster connection and better performance, broadcasters can stream at a higher bitrate providing a higher quality listener experience without worrying about dial-up or limited network connections. Each listener tune’s into the node closest to their listening device or computer which compresses and serves the stream in an extremely efficient fashion. Making it possible to listen to a 320Kbps stream on a cell phone in the backwoods of Australia while minimally affecting data usage.

Your radio will be easier to find as Icecast’s directory service is second only to ShoutCAST’s in popularity. Also you will benefit from our partnerships with other radio services like iHeartRadio, Microsoft’s Groove, Samsung’s ANT and Rock-O-La Jukeboxes.

Other cool features…

The global relay network is a sneak preview of the BoomBox streaming media server based upon the open source Icecast streaming media server source code and customized to integrate seamlessly with our AnyCastIP network.

Additional features include:

  • Multiple yellow page support (YP) support (, and pending
  • RTMP protocol support (Flash audio and video)
  • WebRTC protocol support (for broadcasting from the web browser and mobile devices)
  • Integrated source client (for auto-dj features like playlist and dj management and scheduling)

Stay tuned for more features!