What to Expect in 2019

2018 was a wonderful year for SoniXCast (SX), but 2019 could possibly be the most exciting and innovative year yet for customers…

2018 in Retrospect…

In 2018 we explored a completely new technological strategy, initiated forward looking partnerships and completely decentralized our infrastructure. Here are the Highlights…

1st Quarter: We expanded our partnerships with Amazon and iHeartRadio to provide radio content on their platforms raising our average listener base from roughly 2 million to an estimated 42 million daily listeners.

2nd Quarter: We acquired 4 stream hosting providers (2 in Europe, 1 in Asia, 1 in North America) which grew our retail client base from roughly 800 to over 1500. Also we introduced the updated SoniXFM popularization platform to retail customers on BoomBox which allowed their radios to be heard on the Amazon/iHeartRadio platforms.

3rd Quarter: After loads of pressure from retail customers, we introduced CentovaCast hosting for Hobbyists and small Webcasters. We also rolled out our new cloud infrastructure into 24 geographically diverse data centers.

4th Quarter: We capped the year with the final release of BoomBox 3.3 which showcases our Liquidsoap transcoder strategy. And we expanded our partnerships with Sony, Microsoft and Apple to provide even more media content on their platforms.

Relationships are a lot…

Strategic partnerships are the cornerstone to our business and the clue to our longevity. Not only does it raise our company integrity, but more importantly, customers are better protected from the turbulences in the industry.

We are constantly exploring new partnerships, but some are on the short list for 2019 like: Expanding our footprint on Roku, Exploring partnerships with monetization platforms like TargetSpot and becoming more prevalent on devices like car radios, social media platforms and AI devices.

But Technology is everything…

Being a technology and platform provider give us the unique ability to set standards, forge relationships, better communication and shape the future of the industry. Here are some of the Highlights planned for 2019…

Public API: We are in the process of normalizing and securing our platform to make it accessible via a set of HTTP API’s that will allow 3rd party providers and resellers (Yes. We will be introducing a Reseller program) access to our extensive line of services, media and libraries.

WebDJ: Imagine you’re out in public and come across a unique news opportunity. With WebDJ you can whip out your smartphone and comment on news or conduct an interview directly to your listeners in real time. You can also broadcast directly from your computer eliminating the need to fork out cash for 3rd party broadcast client software. Already tested and in limited use with commercial customers, we will be introducing the WebDJ platform to retail customers in 2019.

BoomBox: In 2019, program management will become even more powerful and intuitive as we introduce a calendar like interface in which users can schedule individual tracks, ads, spots or even whole playlists with a simple drag and drop. Edit track titles in place, set crossfades and even leave notes for other broadcasters. All from simple easy to use interface.

SoniXFM Media Center: Is our new radio platform based upon SoniXFM™ and AnyCastIP™ which will allow listeners to tune in to thousands of terrestrial and web radios from all over the world. In testing now is our own embeddable operating system based upon android open source that will be targeted towards hardware media devices like car radios. Also in testing right now are: Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions and Android/iTune Apps.

And there is much more…

Video broadcasting (WebVJ), tighter integration with social networking platforms and developing technology guidelines and standards are all on the drawing board as well as working out more direct relationships with performance rights organizations and working with licensing providers to help end pirating and intellectual property theft. Our goal is to ensure radio broadcasting remains a staple for all well into the future.

We wish all our Friends, Partners and Customers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

SoniXFM.com Released

SoniXFM.com is here…

SoniXFM™ has long been known as the radio aggregation and populization platform driving music services like Amazon, iTunes and Microsoft and more recently on devices like Roku, Playstation and XBox. But now music lovers can listen to their favorite radio at a click of a button on any device, anywhere in the world. Just visit SoniXFM.com! Developed and tested to work with every browser on almost every device, the new SoniXFM.com is the straightforward and intuitive way to find and tunein to high quality radio broadcasting.

Blazing Fast Search Engine

Search for any type of media content by keyword, genre, format even country at speeds found nowhere else. Our highly optimized search engine will scan through over 2 million unique content providers to find the content you want right now! See why the SoniXFM platform is so popular with music service providers and listeners alike.

Tunein in an Instant!

All streaming is proxied through AnyCastIP, the broadcasting network used by millions to listen to radio regardless of device or location at the same speed and high quality as listening at home. SoniXCast Broadcast Network (SBN) and BoomBox customers already use AnyCastIP, but now third party streaming content providers benefit from faster startup times and higher quality for their listeners worldwide as well.

Want to learn more?

SoniXFM has been around for a long time, but not always as a consumer product. Only recently has there been demand for a central website for listeners to go to and SoniXFM.com now answers that call. SoniXFM, like all SoniXCast products is under constant development in order to offer consumers and providers the best possible content and latest technologies. If you are interested in whitelabeling the SoniXFM aggregation services, contact support@sonixcast.com. If you are interested in reading more about SoniXFM and underlying technologies, visit the SoniXFM About page.

Updates to BoomBox, SoniXFM and CentovaCast

We are happy to announce the release of updates to BoomBox, SoniXFM and CentovaCast which address issues reported by customers and consumers. See the changelog below for detailed information:

BoomBox™ Radio Automation (RA)

  • Upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2
  • Complete rewrite of the core subsystem
  • Expanded monitoring to auto restart account services unless otherwise disabled
  • Introduction of enhanced media management and auditing
  • Re-introduction of the global music library (GML)
  • GeoTrend fixes and enhancements (Phase 1 of 3)
  • Listener Session fixes and enhancements (Phase 1 of 3)
  • Server and transcoder fixes and enhancements (Phase 2 of 4)
  • Nomenclature adjustments (Phase 3 of 6)
  • Numerous UI enhancements and fixes

SoniXFM™ Global Relay Network (GRN)

  • Added 14 additional nodes in South America, Asia and Oceana
  • NIST/GPS synchronization enhancements
  • European RDS integration released (Phase 1 of 2)
  • Embedded device (Roku, SmartTV…) fixes and enhancements
  • 44 additional AM/FM Channels added to the terrestrial radio program
  • Digital Satellite Radio (SirusXM, DirectTV, Hughes…) fixes and enhancements
  • DAB and DAB+ (Europe) fixes and enhancements

SoniXCast™ Global Popularization Platform (GPP)

  • Added Pandora, Slacker and Spotify platform support
  • ClearChannel (iHeartRadio) platform fixes and enhancements
  • iTunes, TuneIn, Nobex fixes and enhancements
  • Amazon, Live365 fixes and enhancements
  • Discontinued ShoutCast.com integration
  • Extended Xiph.org integration
  • Added Hindi, Basque and Farsi language support


  • Installed ftp service on all slave systems (cc2x.sonixcast.com)
  • Upgraded the max file upload size to 500MiB
  • Amazon.com album lookup integration
  • Expanded DNS support for widgets and players
  • Numerous UI enhancements and fixes

Additional Information

Customers are encouraged to login to their respective control panels and verify that the patches applied resolve any reported issues.

The ShoutCast.com integration into the GPP has been discontinued as Radionomy has not granted SoniXCast API access despite repeated requests (No response from the support team). Customers must maintain their ShoutCast.com profile manually from now on.

SoniXFM™ Global Relay Network (GRN) and SoniXCast™ Global Popularization Platform (GPP) remain exclusively available to BoomBox Producers only.

Although initially planned, CentovaCast integration into the GPP and GRN has been put on hold indefinitely. CentovaCast has announced that a major update to their platform is in the works and it makes more sense to wait until it has been released and our systems have been upgraded before considering integration.

The majority of User Interface (UI) fixes and enhancements revolve around supporting individual browser idiosyncrasies and final integration of the Bootstrap 4 platform with full worldwide CDN integration.

The majority of stream and broadcast fixes and enhancements revolve around music metadata support for the individual platforms as the standards for such is not well-defined nor normalized.

The BoomBox Liquidsoap integration is ongoing and is, as before, slated for final release in version 3.5. However, updates have been made to the legacy transcoder which mirrors much of the basic functionality found in Liquidsoap, so that producers may become familiar with the system beforehand.

BoomBox 3.0

We are Happy to announce the release of BoomBox 3.0

BoomBox 3.0 is here and better than ever. Over 6 months in the making, BoomBox 3.0 is full featured, battle tested and sports a new faster and more robust infrastructure and interface.

As some of you may know, there have been challenges keeping up with growth and occasional service interruption due to high loads. Whitelabel partners have experienced higher than usual response times using the search API and all around system and network management has become untenable for the support team.


Over the next 3 months (September through November 2017) all accounts will be migrated over to BoomBox 3.0 (current version is 2.4). However, clients will be presented with the option to migrate at their own pace at a time and date of their choosing. Clients will be presented with the option to migrate whenever they log into BoomBox and an easy to use Wizard will step them through the process.

Migration means the hostnames will change, so it is imperative that customers make use of the relay and redirect settings on the BoomBox dashboard to ensure that listeners can find their station after the migration has completed.

Value Added Services and Features

Invariably the question will arise “What about Liquidsoap or the Global Music Library?” Both, along with other projects have been extricated from BoomBox and will be offered separately as value added services or features. This means there will be some service plan and price restructuring over the next months. We are still evaluating development costs and will announce each feature/service release and price separately.

Classic Licensing/Hosting Plans

Current (Classic) plans will retain current pricing, and will be limited to basic Shoutcast server and SoniXCast Transcoder services. These plans are geared towards hobbyists requiring minimal licensing and basic Auto-DJ features.

Professional Licensing/Hosting Plans

Professional plans, priced differently than classic plans, will bundle value added services (like APM or CML as described below) to provide more complex event scheduling and programming management features for stations desiring such operations.

Advanced Program Management (a.k.a. Liquidsoap)

The development of the APM feature required a separate development team and different operating system and as such, stations that desire APM must be provisioned differently.

Cloud Music Library (previously known as the Global Music Library)

Because of it’s dependence on the APM project, the CML will be offered in conjunction with professional plans or as an add-on feature for classic plans.

SoniXFM.Com (Radio Aggregation Services)

Recent interest from current and requirements from new joint venture partners has spurred development of the sonixfm.com website. All development resources not currently allocated to support have been re-assigned to this project slated for release in December 2017.

For the Techies

More technical savvy customers like to interrogate our methods and reasoning from time to time which sometimes leads useful revelations and we welcome the discussion (although we could all do without the breast thumping and the non-conducive ranting). Therefore, we present this high level overview of the changes to the systems and network:

Current BoomBox infrastructure relies on the use of classic dedicated servers using hardware methods to failover the IP-address to a different backup server upon failure. Despite assurances from the provider, this method has proven to be severely lacking. Particularly under heavy listener tune-in and search API loads. Often switches would fail or become bogged down (and thus crash) trying to switch from one server to another leading to service outage.

The new infrastructure makes use of virtual server instances which are redundant across 3 geographically diverse datacenters and are switched by a dedicated and self managed load balancer. On August 16th 2017 we tested the failover infrastructure by funneling 4 million requests per second while simultaneously shutting down 2 of the 3 instances without losing a single ping request. We also performed a load test sending a burst of 40 million requests (3 times our current load) and achieved a maximum average load of 77% across all instances.

For Customers

So what the heck does this mean for me?

Sometime between now and December 2017, when you log into BoomBox, you will be presented with a popup informing you that your account is eligible for upgrade. That means our support team has done the work of replicating and testing your station on the new infrastructure and only the final options must be set and the station switched over.


New customers will be eventually provisioned on the new platform, but, for now, will also have to endure migration at a later date.

Customers have the option click “click away” the popup and plan when to migrate, but will be “annoyed” every time they log in and will be forcefully migrated if ignored for too long. That is a call our support team will make depending on time and resources.

Why All The Fuss?

We are growing too gosh darned quick for the current infrastructure to keep up. In August alone we had over 8 million hits (12 million in July) and that with 5 (we have a total of 30) server clusters disconnected from the search API.

Network hardware is coughing and sputtering under the load and our support team is spending more time arguing with marginally responsive and exceedingly difficult datacenter support technicians than helping customers.

The new infrastructure is ours alone to manage and maintain. We own it (like google owns theirs) and there is no more dorking around with some egocentric 3rd level support lacky.

Network Hardware Issues (Resolved)

SoniXCast Whitelabel partners, producers and customers,

Yesterday, August 7th, 2017 at around 19:00 hours we were noticing higher than usual packet loss on the network hardware servicing CABHS32, CABHS33, CABHS36 and CABHS37 clusters. At or around 03:00 this morning (August 8th, 2017) the aforementioned hardware failed catastrophically and an emergency replacement was performed. Unfortunately that also required restarting the cluster which meant services were offline for a few minutes and those services where monitoring was disabled were not restarted automatically.

In the coming days we will replace the current network hardware with something much more robust that can handle the influx of listeners from sonixfm.com and the global public relay network. In the meantime, we have temporarily disabled search queries for whitelabel partners pending the hardware upgrade. The global public relay was not affected and remains as before available.

The cause for the outage was determined to be a material defect in the networking hardware and although the replacement hardware is expected to function correctly, we predict much higher loads as RDNS propagates and more and more listeners are routed through our network. We are therefore erring on the side of caution and will upgrade the entire SoniXCast AnyCastIP network with better quality hardware.

Whitelabel partners, producers and customers need not be concerned about the hardware upgrade as the systems are clustered and “hot-pluggable” meaning no further disruption of service is expected.

Buffering issues within the global public network should now have been eliminated, however as we replace networking hardware, we expect any buffering issues that may remain to be eradicated.

BoomBox users are encouraged to login to the control panel and check that their services are running correctly. Please, do not hesitate to contact support with any issues.

Your SoniXCast Network Team

Global Public Relay Phase 1 (Canada)

We are happy to announce the final release of the Global Public Relay (GPR) Phase 1 (Canada). This release replaces the old relay and addresses issues some customers were having with buffering during certain times of the day when load was exceptionally high.

As of immediately producers may publish the following to their webpage, tune-in et al…

http://listen.sonixfm.com/[My Station ID]
http://tunein.sonixfm.com:[My Station ID]

BoomBox has been updated to reflect changes and both links can be used alternately as redirect link using the port or as relay using the mount point. For example:

Say that your station id is 8000, your station now has the redirect link http://tunein.sonixfm.com:8000 (or http://listen.sonixfm.com:8000 if you so choose) and a relay link of http://listen.sonixfm.com/8000 (or http://tunein.sonixfm.com/8000 if you so choose).

Please refer to the BoomBox Dashboard page to retrieve your exact links.

Producers do not have to make any immediately changes to their current links. The old relay and redirect links (relay.sonixcast.com, stream.sonixcast.com) are still active and work exactly as the new links do.

Producers will experience more listeners tuning in

The purpose of the global public relay is to take advantage of sonixfm.com’s listenership. SoniXFM receives roughly 750K listener hits a day through partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, Sony and so on… These listeners will now have SoniXCast Stations at the top of their search results when, for example, searching for a radio station by Genre.

More reliable, faster listening and almost no buffering

The global public relay project was designed to be highly available at all times of the day or night. Essentially a cluster of separate nodes on average 5 per geo-location, if one falls out for any reason, the next will step right in a take the load. Listeners experience almost immediate listening pleasure from the moment they hit the play button and buffering is all but eliminated by balancing the load across multiple nodes.

More to come…

This is just phase 1 of the global rollout and only concerns North America. Other global locations are in the works/negotiations with Europe and Asia next in pipeline.

Producer News for August 2017

Howdy, SoniXCast Producers! As we go into our 12th year, some new and exciting developments have occurred that I’m dying to share with you all. Check out the new roadmap for the remainder of 2017 and beyond:


The streaming service aggregation services unit which provides yellow pages services (kind of like shoutcast.com or xiph.org does) to Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple et al., will have its own dedicated team of software engineers starting immediately. I developed the initial prototype back in 2013 to entice commercial consumers and really haven’t done much on it since. Through cooperatives and partnerships, I envision SoniXFM.com will become the central platform for advertising and popularization of radio stations bringing together disparate services Producers are forced to maintain into one comprehensive platform.

Simply Stated: I hope SoniXFM.com will become the website listeners will go to listen to Internet Radio. And instead of maintaining a Nobex App, Homepage, Tune-In/Shoutcast page, keeping up relationships with advertisers and so on…, Producers will be able to do everything from their BoomBox control panel.

Global Public Relay (GPR)

The global public relay initiative was started back in 2016 to address the hike in listenership coming from SoniXFM.com (currently at an average of 746,000 listener hits a day) and the influx of refugees coming from other stream hosting providers or through acquisition (currently at an average of 8,095 listener hits a day). The GPR is essentially a bunch of custom-built on-demand Icecast servers distributed globally that allow listeners to tune into any SoniXCast Station locally with minimal delay and buffering. The rollout is in full swing and Producers should note the following changes.

  1. More geographically located ip-addresses will show up in the shoutcast server connection log which cannot be helped due to the way the GPR works. We have a dedicated staff of network security specialists working to keep the nasty’s away, so there is no need for Producers to intervene and start blocking ip-addresses.
  2. The current tune-in links (stream.sonixcast.com and relay.sonixcast.com) will be retired in favor of shorter, easier to remember and more appropriate sonixfm.com tune-in links. Don’t panic! stream.sonixcast.com and relay.sonixcast.com will remain active forever! We will just recommend using the sonixfm.com tune-in links going forward.
  3. More listeners from more locations. I made adjustments to the search API to favor SoniXCast radio stations meaning, for example, that if an iTunes listener searches for a radio station by genre, a SoniXCast Station will more than likely be at the top of the list of results. SoniXCast producers will soon get a chunk of that 746K listeners a day coming in from sonixfm.com.

BoomBox 3.0

I’ve stopped development on BoomBox 2.5 (beta and release candidate) and will just be putting out patches and fixes for the remainder of August/September. Instead we’re going to focus on the release of BoomBox 3.0 and here’s why:

  1. We now have a team of developers and instead of forcing them figure out of my code, it will be faster to allow them to read through it at their own pace using the tools they are accustomed to on a project that doesn’t have to be maintained daily.
  2. Liquidsoap (replacement transcoder for the current Auto-DJ) requires a certain operating system (Ubuntu or Centos 7) which is different from the one we currently use (Centos 6.9). Over the next 6 weeks we will be setting up test instances and a focus group to evaluate BoomBox 3.0 for a period of time before going into widespread implementation. Volunteers are welcome and we will put out a call-for-action once preparations have been made.
  3. Shoutcast.com changed the way public radio stations are registered which is “hard-coded” into the server itself leaving us no choice but to continue using the shoutcast server until such time as Radionomy decides (if ever) to make the API available for 3rd party use. This really is of no consequence to producers as the SoniXCast Media Server already wraps the current services and acts as the main access point for listeners.
  4. We have too many stations per node. Over the past year we’ve acquired a bunch of stream hosting providers, lived through the third or fourth wave of Radionomy refugees, picked up a load of refugees from the SteamLicensing.com fiasco and now are in talks with Live365. In essence, we’ve gone from 300 shoutcast server instances at the beginning of the year to well over 2000 now and some of the older server clusters are at 60% capacity. Way too close to the top for this cowboy.
  5. We have to move your Radio Station anyways and not only because of capacity as mentioned above. BoomBox 3.0 will be on a totally different operating system running on a separate server cluster. That will mean radio stations will receive a new hostname and possibly a new port. Which highlights the reason why Producers should never publish the direct server link and use the clustered tune-in links (stream.sonixcast.com, relay.sonixcast.com or, preferably, the sonixfm.com links) instead.
  6. The Global Public Library has been a pain in my rear ever since I had to take it down for licensing reasons a few months back and now after spending all that time and money to get it compliant, along comes a partner that will not only provide the same licensed content and more, but offers syndicated news content and a full-fledged advertising network as well. Since I’m spread thinly enough as it is, I decided to work the partnership into BoomBox 3.0 and sonixfm.com instead. Stayed tuned for more on that.

Don’t Panic!

None of the planned changes will happen unannounced or tomorrow and migration will occur in a very structured manner. There is no need to make any immediate changes to your station. Once the rollout of the GPR is complete, we will begin a campaign to notify Producers to update their current tune-in links to the new sonixfm.com ones. Which will make migration easier for everybody. After BoomBox 3.0 is released (sometime in September), all new customers will be setup on it going forward and those who need or want the extended radio automation features migrated on request. Finally at the end of November, beginning December, when listenership is at its lowest, we will make the final push to migrate the remaining stations incrementally.


After having a long conversation with one of the owner’s (ex SoniXCast support tech and customer) and after running financial background checks, I’ve decided not to pursue the lawsuit against torontocast.com and have rescinded the cease and desist order. I do this for a few reasons:

  1. The entire action was driven by our attorneys who are rightfully watching out for the company’s interests. However, after talking to SOCAN, we were ensured that torontocast.com is not receiving the same conditions as we are and although they replicated our business model, they have to pay much more for licensing.
  2. You can’t get blood from stone. The owner’s are just hobbyists who decided to start their own operation on a penny budget. I can’t morally justify putting someone in the poorhouse or disrupting business for just being entrepreneurial.
  3. More importantly, the entire action didn’t fit well with my vision of transparency, cooperation and partnership in the industry. Retail stream hosting, although growing, makes up less than 5% of SoniXCast’s total business and we can surely afford to share.
  4. They were frustrated. They wanted certain features now or wanted to get their fingers into our systems. I couldn’t deliver those features at pace that was acceptable to them and nobody touches our systems without a non-disclosure agreement. Arguably, it was a dick move to spy on our setup and replicate it somewhere else, but I, myself, am genuinely flattered. The judgement into their character is just something you’ll have to make for yourself.


March News

Global Relay Network

With the release of global relay network, some customers have inadvertently banned the relay not understanding that the ip-address connecting to their stream was the global relay. That’s our fault for not notifying customers before hand. So from now on we will announce the ip-address of each relay as each region is rolled out. For now all customers should allow the ip-address (located in Montreal Canada).

BoomBox Media Server

Customers can get a sneak preview of the BoomBox Media Server version 2.4 based upon the open source icecast project at http://relay.sonixcast.com or http://relay.sonixfm.com. Check out this story for more details.

DMCA Takedown Notices

SoundExchange (Sony) is again sending out DMCA takedown notices to US aggregators like Tune-In and Dirble and although they are not specifically targeting SoniXCast Radios, some customers have had their Tune-In pages taken down. To be clear: This doesn’t mean customers are broadcasting illegally. In fact it’s the other way around. SoundExchange and the DMCA have no legal jurisdiction in Canada. Tune-In is playing it safe however and honoring Sony DMCA takedown notices for foreign radios even though they don’t legally apply. We live in strange times.

New Web Hosting Product Line

With the acquisition of Montreal Hosting Ltd. a few months ago, we picked up a high availability, modern web cluster which enables us to offer high quality cPanel Web Hosting at highly competitive prices ($9.96/month for the Unlimited Package). In light of the recent Sony activity, now is as important as ever to move your web hosting to Canada. Performance Rights Organizations in many countries (i.e. US, Germany and Italy) base their claims of jurisdiction quite often on the ip-address of the website and customers are barraged with claims of copyright violations. It has never been more important to eliminate any doubts that you are broadcasting from Canada. It’ll save you a lot of headaches.

BoomBox 2.4

Many have taken a look at the BoomBox Mobile 2.4 and resonance has been awesome to say the least. Development continues and hinges on the release of the global relay network, BoomBox Media Server and expansion of the AnyCastIP network. With the adoption of the WebRTC protocol, broadcasters will be able to broadcast directly through BoomBox and stream Flash media, but probably the most exciting development on the horizon is the seamless integration with SoniXFM.com.

SoniXFM is our radio aggregation service much like Dirble and Tune-In, but on steroids. Through partnerships with Clear Channel, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Sony (believe it or not), the sonixfm.com platform can already be found on mobile devices everywhere and we’re injecting social media features into it as well. Making sonixfm.com a one stop popularization platform for ALL broadcasters.

BoomBox 2.4 will also see the release of our own directory service yp.sonixcast.com and yp.sonixfm.com as well an API for developers. We are also rebuilding our WebWidgets website embeddable widgets platform, rebuilding our player to use the global relay network (so you can be heard behind firewalls as well) and a mobile app for Google, Apple and Microsoft devices is in the works.

New Global Relay Network Released

Now available at relay.sonixcast.com or relay.sonixfm.com!

As part of our continued commitment to provide the best global broadcasting solutions, our development gnomes have released the SoniXCast global relay network.

What it does…

The global relay network (GRN), once completed, will consist of 7 nodes (one for each major continent) that will relay SoniXCast stream services via a super fast dedicated fiber optic backbone to each location resulting in better performance and lower buffer rates.

This is especially important for mobile devices as the transfer rate of each stream service then equals that of the capacity of most 4G wireless networks. Resulting in smoother player startup and more reliable network connections.

What does this mean for Broadcasters?

Besides raising the quality of your listeners experience, the global relay network broadcasts through port 80 eliminating the problem of listening to your radio behind a firewall.

Like the current permanent url feature, each mount point receives a unique number related to the radio’s call-sign which never changes as long as you host with SoniXCast. Even if you temporarily suspend your service and re-open at a later date. In fact, the permanent url’s will forward to the actual relay mount point once network build up is complete.

Do you use a 3rd party tool or aggregator to present or collect listener statistics? Well now gathering that data will be faster and more reliable as it is presented in near real-time. That will speed up your website and thoroughly eliminates issues with 3rd party aggregators like Tune-In, and Dirble or tools like RadioToolbox. And because you can query over port 80, there is no need to open up firewall ports on your computer.

In addition to having your Radio listed on ShoutCAST.com, it will also be listed in the dir.xiph.org (Icecast) radio directory. Vanity mount points (i.e. relay.sonixcast.com/MyRadio or relay.sonixfm.com/MyRadio) will be a value added service expected to be provided in BoomBox 2.4.

What about my listeners?

Well besides the obvious faster connection and better performance, broadcasters can stream at a higher bitrate providing a higher quality listener experience without worrying about dial-up or limited network connections. Each listener tune’s into the node closest to their listening device or computer which compresses and serves the stream in an extremely efficient fashion. Making it possible to listen to a 320Kbps stream on a cell phone in the backwoods of Australia while minimally affecting data usage.

Your radio will be easier to find as Icecast’s directory service is second only to ShoutCAST’s in popularity. Also you will benefit from our partnerships with other radio services like iHeartRadio, Microsoft’s Groove, Samsung’s ANT and Rock-O-La Jukeboxes.

Other cool features…

The global relay network is a sneak preview of the BoomBox streaming media server based upon the open source Icecast streaming media server source code and customized to integrate seamlessly with our AnyCastIP network.

Additional features include:

  • Multiple yellow page support (YP) support (shoutcast.com, dir.xiph.org and pending yp.sonixfm.com)
  • RTMP protocol support (Flash audio and video)
  • WebRTC protocol support (for broadcasting from the web browser and mobile devices)
  • Integrated source client (for auto-dj features like playlist and dj management and scheduling)

Stay tuned for more features!

BoomBox 2.4 Mobile (Sneak Preview)

The developer gnomes have been busy and have released a beta preview version of BoomBox 2.4 which sports an easier-to-use mobile and smart device interface.

BoomBox 2.4 is a complete rewrite of the user interface which will include a simple yet feature rich calendar based event scheduling tool, pre-defined event templates for spots, jingles and ads and a slimmed down interface for faster loading over slow connections.

BoomBox 2.4 will also re-introduce the Global Music Library with even more music titles than ever before. We currently have over 400,000 titles indexed and expect to reach double that amount by the time 2.4 is released.

BoomBox 2.4 will also be completely cloud-based, decoupled from the streaming server altogether in order to decrease response times, be more globally responsive from the browser and to increase scalability.

Another new feature will be the release of port 80 stream proxying which will eventually replace the redirect (permanent) urls as the primary stream access point for listeners.

A mobile device app is in the works, as well as tighter integration with sonixfm.com and social media.

Currently customers can only manage their individual services (server, auto-dj), but new features are added daily and we encourage all to comment about bugs and feature requests.

To view on any mobile device, simply goto: https://bb.sonixcast.com

To view in any browser, just goto: https://bb.sonixcast.com/?mobile=1

We expect the final release date for 2.4 to be around the end of March 2017.

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