New Blog & Social Network Footprint

In the past our blog ( functioned as the central communication portal, however with the recent advent of integrated group collaboration tools, we’ve decided to shut down the SoniXCast community and move everything to Facebook and Google. The blog will now function (as it should) just as the central announcements, information and documentation portal for everything SoniXCast.

We are introducing two new focus groups where Producers, Customers and Consumers can collaborate:

Producers Forum

Membership only group where you can connect with other SoniXCast producers, exchange info and experiences, take part in discussions and help direct the future of Webcasting.

  • On Facebook:
  • On Google:

Premiere Support

Our membership only premier support groups are manned 24/7 by our support team. Important: Whenever posting a new technical issue please supply the hostname and main port of your service in order to expedite your request.

  • On Facebook:
  • On Google:


New Facebook Priority Support Group

We are happy to announce our new official facebook priority support group at Current SoniXCast customers can request membership by answering just a few questions and receive priority 24/7 assistance by our support staff and technicians!

Support Communications Policy Update: As of immediately, only official channels will be used for support. Support technicians will not communicate with customers (existing or potential) using unapproved mediums (chat rooms, blogs, groups) and all ongoing communications will cease immediately with the notification that customers use one of the approved mediums of communication.

The following are the only approved means of support communications:

The Magnificent 7

The SoniXCast platform (as you know) is community driven. We believe strongly in transparency and communication. Many of you who have switched from other providers find the concept very helpful and refreshing and as with any community, over time, subject matter experts begin to rise and become the guru’s on all things broadcasting. It behooves a company like ours to bring these experts together to work collaboratively on making our platform better, helping others and direct the future of web casting.

Our call for help (see: “We Want You“) generated more interest that we could have ever hoped for and we thank you all for applying. Out of that action we were able to put together a group of individuals (mostly volunteers) who not only had the technical and legal expertise to speak intelligently to all things SoniXCast, but who also exhibited the temperament, talent and desire to help others. We call them “The Magnificent 7”, because this group of individuals besides having great all round knowledge, also excel within their specialties offering a refreshing new perspective and insight to webcasting.

Meet The Magnificent 7

  • Eugenio Ceriello (Group Coordinator)
  • Alan Fahrner
  • Ron Anderson
  • Vince Wylde
  • Simon Wollcott
  • Björn Korzer
  • Brian Walton

This unique group of specialists will offer their expertise to others here in the community and in social media and are the “Young Guns” who will rescue broadcasters from the throes of evil officials and bad broadcast providers the world over. Need a hero? Just contact them over social media using the hashtag #Mag7, the Mag7 group or via email at

May Highlights

With the recent influx of Radionomy customers, we find ourselves in expansion mode. The features that many like are our License model and lack of playback restrictions, however we know we need to grow in order to meet demand. Here’s what we got going for the rest of May…

New Servers

We’ll be adding 4 new stream servers to handle the load of new sign-ups. All our servers are running at near capacity and that’s cutting it a little too close to ensure 100% up-time. The new servers will be dedicated for streaming ShoutCast and IceCast radios and each will have a dedicated AnyCastIP node for distribution. We will also be adding 4 new AnyCastIP nodes in Europe to handle the additional network load.

BoomBox Control Panel

We’ve taken in many requests from customers about adding Radionomy styled features to BoomBox and I can assure you all that they’re all on the development plan. But we need to prioritize some items in order to get the masses going, so we’re going to concentrate on getting the global music library, new html5 player and extended playlist manager done. That way new customers will be able to do 90% of what they could do at Radionomy.

There have been some synchronization issues with SoniXFM. That along with player design requests means we will de-couple the web player from SoniXFM and use a customer programmed player in BoomBox until we get the synchronization problems figured out with the SoniXFM system. This change will be transparent for all users. Once you implement the custom player, we will move it to SoniXFM and you won’t have to change a thing.

Support Team

We will be expanding our support team to include regional directors that will specialize in sales and minimal technical support. I will be training these specialists personally to answer the most common questions and technical issues customers may have. They are your primary point of contact for everything SoniXCast and if they don’t know it, they will. I promise.

Thank You!

I want to thank you all personally for considering SoniXCast as your hosting partner and for your patience as we grow. I hope that you will continue to give us feedback, because only that way we can become that what you expect from a streaming and licensing provider.

Brian Walton – Owner – SoniXCast