Music File Uploader released for BoomBox 2.4b

We are happy to announce the release of the Music File Uploader for BoomBox 2.4 beta. This was also the last component needed to be ported over from BoomBox 2.3 and producers can now fully manage their station from 2.4 beta.

Here are a list of features in the new Music File Uploader:

  • 10x faster than FTP (through browser compression, chunking and multiple simultaneous connections)
  • Uploads to the SoniXCast cloud with over 400 nodes worldwide
  • Works on all computers, smart and mobile devices
  • Drag and Drop files directly into the browser
  • Automatic filtering (only allows music files)
  • Add Files from one or more directories on your computer or device
  • Copy and Paste support
  • Automatically or Manually Resumes broken upload connections
  • Automatically catalogs and indexes music files (no need to run the UML repair function after uploading)
  • Can be run in a separate tab or window (so you can keep working while uploading)
  • Easy target folder selection
  • Simple, straightforward and easy to use interface

BoomBox: New Watch Music Folders Feature

Broadcast licensing is a big feature of SoniXCast products and making sure that music tracks are properly licensed is a big part of making sure that Stations stay legal. Tagging of music tracks is as diverse as the individual who manages them which presents great challenges for the BoomBox licensing system. Add to that; Indexing one’s Music Library is an abstract concept for many. Especially after uploading loads of music via FTP. This can cause huge problems while building playlists leading to problems like a playlist not playing correctly to crashing of the transcoder (auto-dj) service.

To answer this issue, we’ve developed a feature that watches for changes in each customers music folders in real-time and automatically indexes music tracks if a change (delete, overwrite, upload) is detected. This ensures that database stays in sync for proper playlist generation and that tracks are properly licensed for broadcast.

The process runs completely in the background and requires no user intervention. Which means: customers simply upload files and usually by the time they are ready to build their playlists, their files have been processed and are ready for broadcast. Of course, those with large music libraries will have to wait a few minutes until all files have been process, but for most indexing takes only a couple of minutes.

Happy Broadcasting!